Posted by: abbiewatters | November 25, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/25/15

2015-11-24 16.55.07

Moonrise behind the poplars. The view from my front door is often breath-taking. I’m so thankful to live in a place where the beauty of the world is available to me at every turn.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 24, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/24/15

Today I’m thankful for a good check-up yesterday from my ophthalmologist. The beginnings of cataracts (but not unexpected at age 71), and otherwise just fine. I’m also thankful that my medical insurance (Medicare and Tricare) covers the exam, if not the glasses, and it doesn’t cover dental. In any case, I’m better off than most folks my age.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 23, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/23/15

2015-11-22 14.56.31

Today I’m thankful for good friends who share good times. One of my friends had an extra ticket to the Tacoma Symphony and offered it to me. We heard the US Premier of a short work by a Spanish composer, Luis Tinoco, entitled Before Spring – a Tribute to the Rite. They also performed Felix Mendelssohn’s Symphony No 5 in D major, op. 107, “Reformation”. The final movement drew heavily on Martin Luther’s A Mighty Fortress Is our God. The most impressive piece was Jean Sibelieus’ Violin Concerto in D minor, op. 47. The violin soloist was Caroline Goulding, and she was absolutely mesmerizing. Excellent live music performed flawlessly.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 22, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/22/15

3-20 - Place

The days and days of rain here were translated to new snow on the mountains. Mt Rainier is looking like itself again, without all those ugly rocks poking through. Even some of the lower Cascades have dustings of white. The Olympics have significant snow. I’m thankful that we seem to be storing water for next summer and fall.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 21, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/21/15

X-Winter Sunset

I’m thankful for a wonderful sunset we can see, now that the leaves have all blown off the trees. In the spring, I’ll be thankful the forest blocks the bright rays of the sun in my eyes as I sit in my chair and read.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 20, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/20/15

2015-11-20 08.12.21

Today, I’m thankful for two tame IT techs (Ray and Bill) who can help me fix my computer by walking me through the trouble-shooting steps by instant messenger or over the phone. Thanks to both of you for being available to help your poor old mother.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 19, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/19/15

Al Collage (2)

I’m thankful for a husband who doesn’t complain when I have to go to meetings. He willingly fixes his own lunch/dinner. If the weather is bad, he goes with me, just so I don’t have to drive alone. He worked hard all his life, and made a good living for the whole family. Thanks for being you, Big Al!

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 18, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/18/15

2015-11-06 13.09.31

Today I’m thankful for clearing skies, after several weeks of rain. We needed the rain, but it’s nice to see the sun again.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 17, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/17/15


I’m thankful that I’m a pluviophile because it is pouring down rain, and blowing hard. We have flash flood warnings, and high wind warnings out today, but I’m warm and dry in my little house. It’s snowing – hard – in the mountains. I hope this means our drought of last summer will be a thing of the past.

Posted by: abbiewatters | November 16, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankfulness – 11/16/15


Today I’m thanks for hot tea, brewed fresh every morning. I like chai (a blend of a couple of different chai’s from Teavana that I created myself).

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