Five things that made me happy today – 7/19/19

1. Up fairly early this morning for our regular (every 5-6 weeks) trip to the commissary at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. We swept through there and finished before noon. Now we’re completely stocked up on non-perishables and frozen stuff for the next month or more (unless I forgot something).

2. We decided to go somewhere different for our lunch on the way home from the base. We went to Tacoma Szechuan, a really tasty Chinese restaurant. Big Al had Mu Shu Pork – 4 pancakes worth – and I had Mongolian Beef with barbecue fried rice.

3. We got home in time to see the bus leaving for Owen Beach, so I didn’t get to walk down there today. 😦 But I got plenty of steps in walking back and forth between the garage and kitchen, carrying all that stuff into the house.

4. But I did get finished in time for ice cream on the front porch of Lillian Pratt. They had waffle cones with butter pecan, and/or jamoca almond fudge ice cream. (I showed NO restraint!)

5. My trainer is interested in eating locally, with fresh food. She had never read Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable – Miracle”, and I was able to find it in one of the libraries here on campus. I gave it to her this afternoon. It really made an impression on me – I think my daughter-in-law turned me on to it when it was new in 2007.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 7/18/19

1. Trip to Safeway and Trader Joe’s to get stuff that’s not readily available at the Commissary. (Commissary run tomorrow.)

2. Good session with my personal trainer. She’s really working me hard now – to make up for lost time while I was recuperating, and to get me back to where I was before.

3. Summer haircut (I know, summer is half gone for the rest of the country, but here, it’s just arriving.)

4. Got my purchases from Amazon – swivels for the hanging basket and an extender for the hose so I can water easily.

5. Good presentation on great photography places in the Puget Sound. I’ll have to tell Bill Watters about some of them because he’s the camera buff in the family.

Bonus: Here’s a photo from yesterday on Lake Union. This floatie made me smile.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 7/17/19

1. Trip to Seattle on the Franke Tobey Jones bus. I’m so happy I didn’t have to drive.

2. Cruise around Lake Union while we ate a lovely lunch of Salmon, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, followed by creme brûlée.

3. Then we went through the Ballard Locks.

4. Some of the folks went to Pike Place Market. I stayed on the bus because it was wall to wall people and I don’t do well in crowds.

5. Dinner on the way home at Verrazano’s in Federal Way. Steamed clams followed by spumoni ice cream. Great views of the sound, clouds, and squalls while we ate.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 7/16/19

1. Facebook is reminding me that 10 years ago today we started the trek to the Pacific Northwest to find our forever home. Serendipitously, my Alabama folks pulled out of Birmingham this morning – 2 cars, 4 people, 2 dogs – headed for Washington (state, of course).

2. We heard a presentation this morning from a Native American healer and herbalist. She brought examples of natural teas, and told us how to gather the leaves, flowers and roots to make them. Her philosophy is that what we see as weeds are plants trying to give us what we and the soil need for optimum health. I may explore that more fully.

See the source image

3. This afternoon we heard another presentation from a clinical phycologist who talked about “The Pursuit of Happiness: Aging and Mental Health.” She reiterated that being around other people, and having a community is one of the best things you can do to improve your mental health, particularly as you age.

4. I succumbed to Amazon Prime’s nagging, and looked around on the site. I was able to find and order the only two things we really needed. 1. A double swivel to hang my hanging basket on the front porch from, so it can get even sunshine (and so I reach the other side to deadhead the flowers) 2. A hose extender so I can reach it to water without breaking my back or pitching headfirst off of the porch.

5. I reached 10,000 steps on my Fitbit before 4:00 pm. Consequently, I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the evening.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five Things that Made Me Happy Today – 7/15/19

1. Laundry done, washed, dried, and hung up.

2. Good session with my personal trainer. Hard, but doable circuit.

3. Fresh green bean, simmered with bacon and served with red onion and pepper sauce for lunch. Added to pork chops, and fresh from the farmer’s market red-skinned potatoes, and cinnamon applesauce.

4. The kids (son, daughter-in-law, granddaughters, and granddogs) set off tomorrow on their trek to Washington. All prayers for traveling mercies are gratefully accepted.

5. Happy hour with my tribe at the Gazebo Group.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 7/14/19

1. You may remember I talked about the subject of today’s sermon on Tuesday. Today, I was interested that Sarah pointed out the context of Paul’s words. My takeaway was that our bodies were gifts from God, and as a Spiritual Practice, we should love our bodies because that would help us love God more. There’s no such thing as too fat, or too skinny, or too brown, or too hairy. And if we love our own bodies, we can and should love other people’s bodies – black, brown, differently abled, athletic, or klutzy.

2. As special music a soloist sang “Sacred the Body.” Apparently it is a hymn in the Presbyterian “Glory to God” hymnal. It’s also available from the UMC Discipleship resource. The words are copywrited so I won’t print them here, but you should look it up if you can. I really was impressed with it.

3. All the walking I did yesterday was helpful in that I lost 4.5 pounds from Saturday morning to this morning! No sunburn, either.

4. Spent the afternoon with my feet up watching old episodes of West Wing. A little nap was probably taken during that time as well.

5.I treated myself to a vente skinny mocha to eat with the last of my scones on the strength of the weight loss. I probably put it all back on with that.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 7/13/19

1. Successful trip to the Farmer’s Market. Flowers, scones, lemon bars, green beans, yellow zucchini, and red potatoes.

2. Walked about 2 miles from where I parked to the Pride Festival in downtown Tacoma. It was my own fault. I forgot that there is N 7th St, and S 7th St. Added about 14 blocks each way to the walk, but I’ve got over 14,000 steps so far today. I wouldn’t really mind downtown Tacoma if it weren’t for the hills. It makes for great panoramic view of the Sound, but it’s hard on the knees.

3.Worked the Bethany Presbyterian Church booth at Pride. We were giving away temporary tatoos of butterflies and hearts. We also put them on if people wanted us to. I went to another church’s booth and got a button that says “She, Her, Hers.”

4. I was pretty wiped out when we got back to the car, so I stopped and got a vente skinny mocha to eat with one of my scones.

5.Gorgeous weather. I’m afraid I might have gotten a sunburn on my nose, but maybe not.

How about you? What made you happy today?