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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Mt Rainier from the ferry

Mt Rainier from the ferry, with a car-carrier at anchor in the Sound.


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Thankful Tuesday

Rainbow Sails on the Sound

The weather continues to be amazing. Lots of sailboats on the Sound, including this one with rainbow sails.




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How Great Thou Art

X-Snow on the Olympic Mountains

There’s still a little bit of snow left on the Olympic Mountains, in the distance behind the trees.




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My one word for 2015 is “Honesty.”

Let’s see how I did with Honesty in April.

April started off with a bang in Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter. Very inspirational and spiritually uplifting. We had a Maundy Thursday Communion service in the evening, Friday we joined with the Episcopalians for a Tenebrae service, Saturday we held a prayer vigil at Bethany, and then Easter Sunday started with a Sunrise Service, a potluck brunch and then Worship. By that time I was ready to give church a rest for a while.

Lunch Bunch was a trip to Marzano, an Italian restaurant in Parkland, just a little southeast of Tacoma.


Very tasty, and a little more out of the way, so we hadn’t ever been there before.

The week after Easter, Franke Tobey Jones took a bunch of us to the Tulip Festival in Skagit County, WA. You can read all about it here.


I’m in a better place emotionally and mentally than I was when I wrote this post. Time and prayer are doing their work, both on me and on the situations that brought me to my knees last Tuesday.

FTJ hosted a dinner party for all the independent residents in the middle of the month. It happened to be on Barbershop Quartet Day (who knew there even was such a thing), and we had a really good Barbershop Quartet to entertain us.

Barbershop Quartet

I have a little raised garden plot in the FTJ garden that has been taking up a fair amount of my time. I am growing green beans, crowder peas, tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers, Serrano and jalapeno peppers, and onions (if they ever do anything). I also planted purple hull peas but they don’t seem to be sprouting.


This picture is before I moved the plants out of the greenhouse. The black-eyed peas think they are climbing on the tepee, and the beans are at the back of the plot.

Beans are up!

These are the beans just beginning to leaf out.


And here is what the garden looks like today with the plants from the greenhouse in the ground. The cucumbers will run on the big tepee with the peas and the squash should run on the little tepee.

I’ve got flowers in baskets on the back porch and in planters. The daffodils are finished and I’m trying to decide what to put in that bed. There’s a trip to the greenhouse in my future, I think.




I think I told you last month that the church is doing a capital campaign to raise money to bring the facilities up to ADA standards and to do some needed repairs on our 80-year-old building. Today we have a party for anyone who is ready to make a commitment now, instead of waiting for Commitment Sunday in two weeks. (oops, today is actually May…) Anyway, I hope to be able to report next month that we have raised our $280,000-$300,000 to meet out goal. That’s a pretty big goal for a little church of less than 100 members, but we are very healthy, if aging, and are committed to living out our faith with our pocketbooks.

Unfortunately, HONESTY may have gotten me in trouble, as my “honest” tongue can tend to run away with me. I’m afraid I was a little too honest with a friend, and may have offended her (not that I didn’t mean it because she is a gossip and a chatterbox.) I may not have been as tactful as I could have been when I told her to quit telling me what someone else did wrong and tell them instead, if she felt so strongly about it. I have a very low threshold for triangularization.

I press on with my walking and my diet. Slowly, slowly, slowly now, the pounds are coming off, but at least they aren’t going back on.

Until next month’s report on HONESTY you can follow along with my daily pictures.







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Flora and Fauna Friday

X-Nurse Log

A nurse log, rotting quietly by the path, giving life to the baby trees all around it.




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Throw-back Thursday

Al & Ray at Landstuhl Castle

Big Al and Ray at Landstuhl Castle in Germany, April 1968.

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

X-IMG_0453On the path to the park.


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Justice and Mercy?

I’m weeping again this morning for the people of Baltimore, the people of Ferguson, the people of the whole country who see violent reactions to police violence and feel like they have to take one SIDE or the other. Both are right and both are wrong. It’s only through dialogue and putting aside centuries of hate, despair, and helplessness that we can hope to have these situations improve. Here are a few things I’ve been reading this morning.

Cops on Inside Streets

Charm City Blues: Baltimore and trauma-informed community

10 images of the Baltimore riots you won’t be seeing on TV

The powers that be have done some incredibly stupid things:

  1. stopping the bus service so that the kids couldn’t go home, even if they wanted to.
  2. closing some of the streets so parents couldn’t get to their kids to take them home, even if they tried.
  3. suspending school for today, because if schools were in session, any kids on the street could be picked up as truants and held for a while.

Come on, authorities, THINK instead of a knee-jerk reaction.

And join me in prayer for our broken world.


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Thankful Tuesday

Beans are up!

Beans are up! in my little garden plot.



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How Great Thou Art

X-Sunshine after rain

Sunshine after rain.




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