Five things that made me happy today – 10/19/20

I hate to cancel. I know we made plans to get together tonight but that was two hours ago.  I was younger then, and full of hope.

Anonymous Meme

1. It was 54 deg when I got up this morning, and, although it clawed its way up to 59 by mid-afternoon, that looks like it will be the high for the foreseeable future.

2. From a blogger friend,

If this is the year nothing new gets built but we all survive, fine. If this is the year the economy tanks and it takes us 5 years to recover, but we all survive, fine. If this is the year our housing values crash but we all survive, then fine.

Hugh Hollowell

3. We had pork chops, stuffing, cinnamon applesauce, and leftover cabbage, apple, and onion sauté for lunch.

4. The laundry is all washed, dried, folded, and hung up.

5. Even though it’s pretty cool, we had Driveway Happy Hour. I’ll happily take their wine and snacks. We didn’t stay out very long. Followed by the Gazebo Group inside on Zoom where it’s warmer.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/18/20

…it’s so much easier for me to long for what I want or resent what I have lost than it is for me to be thankful for what I have.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

1. In the 50s this morning early with intermittent drizzle. It cleared off and got up to the mid 60s this afternoon. Still windy, so I’m glad that it’s Sunday and I don’t feel like I have to do anything – Sunday is my Sabbath from exercise.

2. The sermon was about being Salt and Light for the world. Really each of these stand in for the LOVE of God.

3. Big Al and I rode down to Moctezuma’s and picked up Mexican food for lunch. I had bought a $60 gift card when all this trash stared and we still had almost $30 left on it, so we added a little to it, and got our dinner. I had Mexican chopped salad and Big Al had a chimichanga. Enjoyment was had by all.

4. I baked some little blueberry muffins from a Jiffy mix to eat with my mochas this week. I can hardly wait.

5. Greisser Girls Gab on Zoom this afternoon. We hope to solve all the problems of the world.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/17/20

The Bible isn’t a book about how to get into heaven; it’s a library of poems and letters and stories about bringing heaven to earth now.

Rob Bell

1. 49 deg this morning, with a high of 57. Grey skies all day.

2. Picked up my Safeway order right after breakfast, and then went over to the Wellness Center to do my strength and balance routine.

3. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

4. Back to the Wellness Center to get my steps in – 10,000 steps done and dusted.

5. Delivered the ballots to the dropbox. Hopefully that will stop the “reminders” to vote.

Ballot Drop Box receiving our ballots.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/16/20

…in the world as it is, the people with influence are the people who show up.

Hugh Hollowell

1. The wind woke me up at 5 am, and it’s blustered and wailed all day. Mid 50s to mid 60s.

2. I’ve been saying the trees are really late in turning colors this year. The first picture is from 10/16/2019, and the second one I took this morning.


3. I fixed little individual steaks with roasted potato wedges, and cabbage, apple and onion sauté for lunch. Tasty on a cold day.

4. Our ballots came today. I’ll take them to the dropbox tomorrow morning when I pick up my Safeway order.

5. I walked around the campus this morning and almost froze even though I had my hood pulled up on my sweatshirt. With my neck gaiter as a mask, I looked very disreputable. Then I took the car over to the Wellness Center this afternoon to finish off my steps for the day.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/15/20

I remember it as October days are always remembered, cloudless, maple-flavored, the air gold and so clean it quivers.

Leif Enger

1. Coldest morning so far this fall – 41 deg when I got up. It warmed up to the mid 50s by this afternoon.

2. It was really pretty cold when I walked over to the Wellness Center this morning to do my strength and balance exercises. I bumped up my circuit to three times, instead of twice as I’ve been doing.

3. The kitchen served the Independent Living residents an Oktoberfest dinner. I picked up dinner for Al and for me. Big Al had bratwurst and brochen with sauerkraut, and I had broasted chicken. We both had red cabbage, German potato salad, and apple turnover for dessert. They also gave us each a big, fat pretzel.

4. With all those calories, I went back to the Wellness Center and finished off my steps for the day.

5. I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with Heather Cox Richardson’s History Chat on Facebook. She explains what’s going on so well.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/14/20

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.

William Faulkner

1. Better weather today (I’m not sure how it could have been worse than the last several days.) In the 50s all day with sun and puffy white clouds.

2. The trees have started turning for real. Unfortunately even they don’t seem to know what day it is. The yellows turned and dropped their leaves during the smoke. The reds have just started and they are more purple than red. The oranges don’t seem to have started yet?

3. Big Al had oatmeal again for breakfast, and again he decided not to eat lunch with me. I’m fine with that as long as he fixes his own. I made chicken noodle soup to warm up after my walk this morning.

4. I had a really good check-in with my personal trainer. She wanted to make sure I was okay, both mentally and physically. She encouraged me to keep on the program I have been working with, and gave me some tips about things to do to overcome some of my stumbling blocks. She is a wholistic trainer, so she is not just concerned with my exercises, but also with how I’m doing with my diet, how I’m doing mentally, whether I’m sleeping well, and how I’m detaching from this chaos we are all living with.

5. I finished off my 10,000 steps and rewarded myself with a mocha and a blueberry scone.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/13/20

A nation grounded in fiction, rather than reality, cannot function.

Heather Cox Richardson

1. The third Pacific storm in five days arrived right on time this morning at 6:30 am with a rumble of thunder in the distance and a hard little shower. Mid 50s this morning, and briefly got up to 60 deg. It was alternately sunny and showery all afternoon with the wind continuing.

2. Bible study was part of the Sermon on the Mount. We looked at two short little parables – Salt and Light – in Matthew 5:13-16.

3. I fixed Wick Fowler’s chili for lunch today because I could get it started before Bible Study, and then it was ready for us to have at lunch time.

4. I’m cautiously optimistic. The conventional wisdom is that Democrats do better when there is higher voter turnout. My niece went to vote in Garland, Texas, on the first day of early voting. She stood in line for almost two hours. Her story is being repeated around the country in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming. Citizens in Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah vote exclusively by mail.

5. The housekeepers were here today, so I have clean sheets on the bed, swept, vacuumed, and mopped floors, and clean kitchen and bathrooms.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/12/20

A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Barak Obama

1. Big windstorm overnight. The wind was so fierce that it woke me out of a sound sleep a couple of times. There are branches down all over the yard. I’m eternally grateful for all the trimming the crew did on the trees in no-man’s-land on the other side of the fence.

2. They tried to have a Zoom Resident’s Council meeting today, but forgot to book a “real” one, and instead booked a free one (apparently). Anyway we were cut off at 40 minutes. If they try to do it again, I hope they remember to look at the clock, or bite the bullet and pay for it.

3. There has been a whole flock of Pacific-slope flycatchers (at least I think that’s what they are) dining at my suet cake and birdseed feeder. They’ve been around for the past week or so. They are tiny little birds – really cute. I narrowed my identification down, based on pictures in iBird, and their range.

4. Big Al had oatmeal for breakfast, and then he didn’t want much for lunch, so I postponed the lunch I had planned to later in the week, and I had a ham sandwich and two of the last of my little tomatoes. He fixed his own lunch while I was at the Wellness Center.

5. Because of the unsettled weather, the powers that be put off the scheduled Driveway Happy Hour until Friday, but we still held the Gazebo Group on Zoom. At least weather rarely affects Zoom meetings.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/11/20

Try not to stress; practice self-care; avoid the rabbit hole of paranoia. Get outside; connect with a friend. Vote! Let’s kick some ass.

Gretchen Staebler

1. Cold this morning when I got up – 48 deg. Gorgeous sunrise. Then the clouds rolled back in and the rain started about 10 am. The rain isn’t as hard as it was on Friday night, but it’s constant. High today – 56 deg. I think autumn has arrived.

photo by Jett Gibson Brooks

2. One of our Parish Associates preached in church today. Good sermon about trusting that God will get us through whatever problems we might be facing.

3. Papa John’s Pizza for lunch. We haven’t had one in donkey’s years, but we went ahead and ordered it because it’s nasty out. Let somebody else drive!

4. I fell into a rabbit hole on Facebook after lunch and frittered away a couple of hours.

5. Greisser Girls Gab this afternoon. The sisters have been trading recipes for turnip greens and toppings.

How about you? What made you happy today?

Five things that made me happy today – 10/10/20

Time remorselessly rambles down the corridors and streets of our lives. but it is not until autumn that most of us become aware that our tickets are stamped with a terminal destination.

Joe L Wheeler

1. The first of our expected three Pacific storms blew in last night right on time about 10 pm, and it rained hard all night long. It began to clear off at 10 am, but it blustered and blew clouds across the sky all day It almost got out of the 50s this afternoon, but it’s still 10 degrees cooler than the last several days. The trees are slow to turn this year.

2. Because it was still so windy and cool, I did my morning walk on the track inside the Wellness Center, followed by strength and balance. It’s hard to count laps for yourself – I lost track a couple of times, but I think I did 1/3rd of a mile.

3. There are a couple of musicians who live here – a violinist and a fellow who plays a wide variety of wind instruments. They were practicing a piece while I was walking, so I was treated to an impromptu concert.

4. I had clam chowder, and cheese and crackers for lunch, since the weather wanted me to have something warming and comforting. Big Al had a bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with saltines.

5. Back to the Wellness Center after lunch to finish off my steps.

How about you? What made you happy today?