Posted by: abbiewatters | May 26, 2010

Boring stuff about me

You will probably get tired of reading about my bridge hands, and the food I’ve eaten.  That and the reruns on TV are about the center of my life right now.  Oh, yeah, I also will probably talk some about my Nook and current book that I’m reading, and maybe (if I can get my act together) something about my current knitting project.

Big Al and I went to bridge at the church today.  He played with the men (just one table) and I played with the folks who seem to be just learning to play duplicate.  It’s been years since I’ve played anything but party bridge, but it was fun.  I probably came in very low because I didn’t have a regular partner, and she’s pretty timid, while I’m aggressive when bidding.  If we got any top boards, it was probably because our opponents messed up.  Oh, well, we had a good time anyway.

We sent off our three Netflix in anticipation of receiving the first three discs of the first season of West Wing.  Our copies are packed away in a box in a closet somewhere, and rather than dig them out, we thought we’d just let Netflix supply our annual summertime marathon West Wing fix.

It’s 95 deg. today, and I’m afraid we’re staying the the house, except to go to the car.  Air conditioning is the only thing that makes Dallas livable during the summer.  Weatherbug shows the dreaded dome of high pressure firmly in place, with little popup thunderstorms skating around the edges, starting in Wichita Falls, riding up into Oklahoma, and then dipping down through East Texas and Louisiana – giving them a little relief from the heat, and leaving us sweltering.

I’m totally bummed about the fact that I seem to keep gaining weight – probably not a good idea to only eat one meal a day – but I don’t seem to have any moderation.  When I start to eat I can’t seem to stop.  That and the fact that I get zero exercise.  I just don’t seem to be able to get motivated to get out and walk when it’s this hot.  I was doing pretty well until about two years ago when I got busy taking care of Papa in his last days.  By the time he had died, and we’d had the funeral, the heat had descended, and I had stopped walking.  I hope I can nag myself back into a little exercise, by writing this blog.



  1. Nag, Nag, Nag: Get out there before the sun comes up and walk walk walk!!!


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