Location, location, location

It’s 89 deg. already and it’s not noon yet.  We’re looking at 95 deg. at least today.  Less than 10% chance of rain.  We had some thunder about supper time last night, but no rain.

I also realized that today makes two full weeks since anyone came and looked at the house.  We were averaging 3 or 4 appointments a week, and suddenly – NOTHING – like somebody pulled the plug, or turned off the tap.  Did we get left out of Multi-List?  Did we make somebody mad and they put the word out to boycott us?  It’s VERY frustrating…

They say that the only rule in real estate is location, Location, LOCATION.  Well, if that’s the case I ought to have folks beating down the door. 

We live a block away from one of the best middle schools, and one of the best high schools in Dallas. 

It’s an older, established neighborhood with big trees and sidewalks, etc. 

We live within walking distance of DART rail station.

We’re close to two hospitals – Presbyterian Dallas and Medical City Dallas.  Perfect location for nurses, staff and other medical personnel.

Northpark Mall is 5 minutes away, Valley View Mall is 10 minutes away, the Galleria is 15 minutes away.

Restaurants and shopping abound.  Tom Thumb, Krogers, and Whole Foods are all “in the neighborhood.”

The house itself is in great shape.  All the infrastructure has been upgraded and kept in good repair.

The house is handicapped friendly (no stairs, accessible with one step-up through the garage, no sunken living room or anything, walk-in shower with seat).

It would be perfect for a single person, or a professional couple.  There’s a formal living room and formal dining room, enormous family room, breakfast area in the kitchen, two offices, and a large master bedroom.  Of course, the offices could be converted back to bedrooms if desired. 

We both have computers, and a home server, and we’ve upgraded the wiring to accomodate that.  We also have Cat 5 wiring into the family room for our Netflix and XBox.  The wireless access point serves the laptops.

I would dearly love to know why no one is even willing to make an offer.  We’re not asking but $6,000 more than a similar house (but smaller) sold for back in November (economy even worse then).  There’s a twin to this one two doors away that they are asking $27,000 more for.  Even if people are looking for upgrades (although I’m not sure what they might be – our kitchen and baths have been redone), you can do a lot of upgrading for $27,000.

1 thought on “Location, location, location

  1. Have you looked into http://www.microsoft-holm.com? It can take a bit to fill out the home profile but having the energy report on hand may make a nice something for prospects to take away. (Besides, it is something to do.) Just remember, it’s still a beta so it has some serious oversites and assumptions.


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