Posted by: abbiewatters | May 31, 2010

Gloom, despair, and agony on me!

I jumped out of the bed this morning, and straightened up the family room – disappeared all the glasses and coasters and napkins – put away the TV trays.  Then I went out front and deadheaded the geraniums in the bed in front of the house.

I took my shower, and chased Big Al out of the bed, got the clean sheets and towels out of the wash, put on clean pillow cases, made the bed (complete with throw pillows).

Then I ran to Calloways and got some new plants to replace the petunias

and geraniums that have burned up in the heat.

I dropped a pretty penny (upwards of $80 for two shade arrangements and two hanging baskets), but, I thought, “What the hey!  If it will make the lookers happy, and make them think this is a wonderful house and garden, it’s worth it!”

We got everything looking great and were just getting ready to grab a bite for lunch when the phone rang.

“Cancelled by Agent”.  Gloom, dispair, and agony on me!

When we finally got this listing, hope sprang eternal.  I had visions of this being the perfect potential buyer.  I had hopes of being out of Dallas before the end of June.

And now they aren’t even coming to look. 

Just shoot me now…



  1. Did the agent say why he cancelled? Let me guess… It’s Memorial Day.

    And why is Memorial Day any less appropriate than a Sunday open house?


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