The temperature rises and still no rain falls.

See all those nice little showers all around us.  And NOTHING in North Texas – and NOTHING forcast for as far ahead as anyone is willing to look.  (Oh, excuse me, I’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ll have rain the third week of September.)

Ray had a face-to-face interview this morning with the staffing firm (and said it went very well), with an additional phone interview with the actual company this afternoon.  May have a decision tonight or some time tomorrow.  (Or maybe not…)

Meanwhile, we wait and pray.

I’m having a hard time eating my live frog these days.  The heat, the disappointment about not selling the house, Ray’s dilemna, the Red Ring of Death have all conspired to sap my get up and go.

Eat That Frog! | Eat That Frog Movie

For years I’ve heard “Eat a live frog every morning before breakfast – that way nothing worse will happen to you all day.”  Now I know where it comes from.

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