Falling behind

I’ve been busy the last two days.  We made a flying (no airplane – just 70 mph car) trip to Shreveport/Bossier to the commissary.  We needed toilet paper, and laundry soap (and just about everything else in the freezer) so we bit the bullet and went.  It was  profitable trip, both for the improved prices at the commissary and for the trip to the casino.  We (Big Al – not me, I don’t like to grocery shop) go to the commissary about once every 6 weeks.  We take the ice chest and stock up on meat, frozen vegatables, canned goods, laundry supplies, paper goods, etc.  We’ve been trying to empty out the freezer and eat up what’s in the pantry in anticipation of moving, but we found that we had been really successful at eating everything up, but we still haven’t moved.  Soooooo, to Shreveport we went.

I always go with Al because he gets very bored on long drives (this one takes about 3 hours on a good day), and tends to drift off to sleep.  So I go to help with the driving and to keep him company.  I also go to play the slot machines at the Horseshoe Casino.  Fortunately we have done this for so long and so regularly, I’ve become a “good customer” and I get special perks like cheap (or sometimes even free) rooms for overnight, and sometimes, free breakfast.  It works for me.  I have a limit for my losses that I take out of my discretionary entertainment budget, and every now and then, I win enough to make it pretty well worth while.  

I took my $100 for the evening down to the casino on Monday evening, and played the slot machines.  They were paying off pretty well, and I ended the night with the same money I had when I went in.  Four hours of entertainment for free.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

Then yesterday morning, while Al went to the commissary, I decided to play roulette.  I put down $100, and I figured I’d leave, either when it was gone, or when it was 11:30 (when Al was supposed to pick me up).  Well, I won!  When I cashed in at 11:15 I had $300 bucks.  You can’t beat that!  We paid for the groceries with my winnings, and we got a nice supper, night in a first-class hotel, and breakfast in the deal.

It doesn’t always happen that way, but it does, just often enough, to keep going.

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