Stuff I’ve been contemplating

I’ve been thinking about and worrying over lots of “Stuff” lately.  Here’s a blog post quoting a speech by Barbara Kingsolver (if you aren’t a fan of her books – you better start being.)  This is in light of not just the tragedy in the gulf, but in response to a lot of my angst about global warming, over-consumption, etc.

I’ve also been really worked up over, and then resigned to a lot of the actions and inactions of the 219th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  This blog addressed a few of my issues there.

As Kevin Costner said in Bull Durham, I’m “…dealing with a lot of shit, here!.”

I’ve also had grandchildren with me for the past couple of weeks, so my time has not been my own.  I’ll post a look at our Staycation with Kate tomorrow.