Staycation with Kate

Kate and I arrived home from San Antonio on Sunday pretty nearly on time on Amtrak.  Kate chose to go to the Olive Garden for supper.

She enjoyed her dinner of cheese ravioli.

After we got home she entertained G’Dad and me with a style show.

The next morning she and G’Dad went to the grocery store in the morning and selected cereal for her breakfasts, cokes, and lunches that she liked and ice cream for a nighttime snack.  Then she and I went to the movie and saw Toy Story 3 in 3-D.  We went to Studio Movie Grill and she really enjoyed being served her snacks at her seat.

On Tuesday morning G’Dad went to play bridge and Kate stayed asleep until very late.

I had set up the netbook for Netflix, and she stayed up late to watch movies.

We went to Chow Thai for lunch and she stopped to pose with the Buddhas on the way out.

On Tuesday afternoon we went to JoAnn’s and got some craft supplies to work on a “doll house” for the family of pinecones she found by the fireplace.

We also got some yarn for a scarf because she thought she would like to learn how to knit.  Unfortunately, she soon decided that she would like Grandmother to finish the scarf for her.

Wednesday for lunch we went to Backyard Burgers and she had a baked potato.  Then she and I came home and worked on our crafts while G’Dad played bridge at the church.  She also spent a lot of the afternoon watching her pre-teen shows on TV.

On Thursday, G’Dad took her up to McKinney to spend the day with Erin, her best friend when she lived there.

On Friday, I went to Toastmasters’ and then to bridge while G’Dad stayed home with Kate.  She worked on her crafts some more, and watched a little more TV.

She made several pipe cleaner people to consort with the pine cone people in the doll house.

She was also very helpful watering the flowers that are really suffering with the heat (100 deg. the last two days).

Even though she has made a bit of a mess in the living room where she is sleeping, she promises to clean it up before she goes home.

I’ll really miss having her around when she gone, just like I miss having Ian around now that he’s back home.  They are both great kids who are willing to run errands (like fetching the mail) and set the table and help with emptying the dishwasher and all kinds of things.  It’s nice to have little helping hands around, although I love them just for themselves.