When Bill was here last weekend, one of the little jobs I asked him to do was to take the .5 terrabyte external drive that had been attached to my computer and move it to the Windows Home Server. 

(Isn’t it cute?  Basic model is 1 Terrabyte, expandable to 5 Terrabytes)

I figured it would be fine.  We had copied everything from the external drive to the WHS when the server was installed, and now I just wanted to have it available to back up the Home Server.  Plenty of room, no problems.

Before we removed the old external drive we again checked that everything on it was duplicated on the WHS.

Woe is me!  Somehow QuickBooks got confused and overwrote my active file with a back-up from last February.  Consequently it lost all the entries since then.  Thank goodness I have hard copies of everything and also thank goodness I haven’t been doing much business this year.  Gradually reducing my client load, etc.

But now I have a full afternoon ahead of me messing with reaccomplishing my QuickBooks!  Aaarrrggghhh!

Oh, well, at least it will give me something to do.  I’m not playing bridge with the Tuesday and Friday group any more.  There’s one fellow who can be very obnoxious about telling other people how they should play.  He finally got so bad that one of the women asked Big Al to talk to him and ask him to tone it down a little.  The upshot of the whole thing was that he took offense at Al for saying something to him – even though all Al did was report what other people were saying.  In any case, both he and his wife have been just plain rude to us the last couple of time we were there, refusing to speak to us even when we were their partners, and generally making me feel snubbed.  I decided that I didn’t need to be around people who were behaving as though they were 13-year-olds.  It’s not worth the lining of my stomach and my irritation at their juvenile behavior.  So I won’t be playing bridge with them any more.

This will give me some more time to read and maybe do some knitting.  I had neglected my reading except when I was on my way to bed, and I have several books that have been calling to me.  I’m working on Carol Howard’s “Tribal Church”, and I also have a book on Internet Evangelism on my nightstand.  I had told Carol that I would write a review of her new book, and it should be out soon, so I’ll have that to read as well.  Those are just the things that are serious reading.  I also have a bunch of mysteries, sweet little love stories, and other mind candy on my wish list at Barnes & Nobles to go on my Nook!

I’ve finished the scarf for Kate that I started when she was here, so I’ll probably get some more yarn and get started on something else that I can work on in the evenings when the TV is on.  Look out, family, I see something knitted in your future for Christmas!

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