Random thoughts

The calendar on WordPress (see sidebar) always makes me a little crazy.  It starts with Monday (instead of Sunday) and I know that, but a quick glance always makes me do a double-take.  Very unsettling.  (This has now been corrected – Many thanks to Rae@the floodedfishbowl.com.)

I spent yesterday reaccomplishing my QuickBooks for the year.  I hope I got everything right.  At least the bank account and the loans are reconciled with the most recent statements, and I don’t think I have but one outstanding invoice.  If anyone else owes me money, please feel free to remit same.

We’re still not sure why the Home Server reverted to its origins and set everything, even my Excel files back to February.  Oh, well, I don’t think anything irreplacable was lost.

We’re kind of tightening our belts around here, trying to get some more money saved so when we finally sell the house and move we can take some time traveling to Tacoma.  We’ve managed to fritter away most of the money we made on the estate sale, so we need to replace that so we can furnish our house when we get there.  We’re still kind of camping out with the absolute minimum of stuff.  1 table, two chairs, bedroom furniture (although we desperately need a new mattress – not going to buy one yet – waiting to buy it when we get to Tacoma), two recliners (in terrible shape – will get new ones when we get to Tacoma), side table and lamp, and our computer tables.  I’m using the credenza (I sold my desk), and Big Al still has his desk, but it’s ready for disposal.  That’s about all.  We still have a couch and a couple of living room chairs that we’re not taking with us, and they aren’t in the rooms we use – just there for showing the house.

I’m up as speaker for Toastmasters on Friday, and I’m totally without ideas.  I understand my preacher friends who have to come up with something to say every week and believe me, I don’t envy them.  At least they have the lectionary to give them a starting place.  Maybe I’ll do a review of the books on my Nook.  That’s an eclectic bunch!

Summer is a slow time, although we did have a pretty good storm yesterday afternoon that cooled things off, it’s back to the 90’s again today.  At least there a couple storms forecast for today, again.

I got my Netflix queue mixed up between DVDs and Instant, so we’re getting “Sleepless in Seattle” between Episodes 4 and 5 of Season 4 of West Wing.  We’ll send it back straight away, and we’re one day ahead, so maybe we won’t get too much out of whack.

4 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. to change your calendar:
    go to Dahsboard > Settings > General
    at the bottom of those options you can change the start day of the week on your calendar.


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