On my mind (what little of it there is)

My sister Harriet (https://abbiewatters.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/ho-hum/) is recovering from plastic surgery for basel cell carcinoma.  She had a small spot on her forehead (it’s been there for years and she kept asking her doctor to look at it, but was told it was rosacia or something).  It started being a little more irritated and bled occasionally, so she finally went to a new dermatologist who immediately did a biopsy and told her is was cancer (although it’s the “good” kind of skin cancer – rarely spreads and rarely metastesizes).  She was sent to a plastic surgeon and it turned out to be much more extensive than anyone expected – still not too dangerous, but much larger.  It actually extended from the hairline to her eyebrow under the skin and it required a skin graft from her shoulder to close the wound.  She’s going to be fine.  She had the surgery in June and the scars are beginning to fade already, but this drove me to my dermatologist to get a couple of little places on my face looked at.

I’m 66 years old (almost – 15 more days until my birthday) and, of course, I was a sun-worshiper in my youth.  I have pretty fair skin – the legacy of my English grandmother on one side and my Scotch grandmother on the other, so I’ve had my share of sunburns.  Anyway, the doctor looked at the little scaly places on my cheek and nose and immediately went for the liquid nitrogen. 

You can see the two places that he froze on my cheek and the bridge of  my nose.  He said they were definitely pre-cancerous!

I had another little place on the other side of my nose where my glasses have pressed for years and years.  It had formed a hard little nodule under the skin – it had never bled, but occasionally it would get irritated.  He seemed much more concerned about it (although I wasn’t very concerned because it was very small – less than half the size of a pencil eraser – and I’ve always read not to worry about anything smaller than that).  Anyway, he numbed it and “snipped” a piece of it to send off for biopsy.  THAT word will get your attention real quick.  Now I have to wait a week to find out whether I need to go to the plastic surgeon, too.

If you have ANY question about any little spots, particularly if you are very fair, or have had several sunburns in your life – get thee to a dermatologist – NOW!

I’ve been following with interest the stories on Twitter and Facebook about the protests in Arizona.  Thought other people might be interested in this blog post from one of my friends in California. http://heysonnie.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/immigration-stories/

I’ve also decided that I will join the boycott of Target and Best Buy for their donations to an anti-gay candidate for public office.  If you feel called, you should sign the petition at http://gayrights.change.org/petitions/view/demand_target_stop_donating_to_anti-gay_politicians  I was impressed by the mother and grandmother who took all her purchases back to Target in protest. http://gayrights.change.org/blog/view/mother_of_gay_son_stands_up_to_target_for_anti-gay_donation

And that’s all I have to task you with today!

And that’s the truth.  Bleth…

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