New Agent?

I got a call today from another real estate agent saying that my multi-list had expired (and here we thought it originally expired the first of August!)  Anyway, she’s coming by about 2 p.m. and see if there’s anything she can do.  If she will bring potential buyers I’ll be happy.  I don’t think my original agent ever brought anyone to look at the house except during Open Houses.  We’ll see, but I’m not real excited.

Back again

It’s been a long time since I posted (like over a week, I think).  I’ve had a lot of stuff going on, but I’ve also been more than a little discouraged about several things.

As I said in my last post, somehow my house got back in multi-list and we’ve had a little bit of action as far as viewings go.  The real problem is that I’ll get my hopes up, and clean up the house, and run around like an idiot, only to find out after the fact that it was only a realtor who might want to buy it as a rental property, and “oh, by the way, do you think the people who own the other half would like to sell, because I really like to buy both sides.”  Then another one was a realtor who had a client who was getting ready to put their house on the market, and they wanted to see what mine looked like – as if they couldn’t tell from the pictures in multi-list.  Then there was another set who “really liked it, but it was too big!”  Couldn’t they tell that, yes, I have a formal living room and formal dining room, and it’s 2000 sq. ft. from the listing?

I guess I’m just getting fussy in my old age, but it seems to me that they ought to be able to tell that.  Then I got a call today asking could they show the house between 3:00 and 4:00.  The call came in at 2:50!  I said, “No, not 3:00, but 3:30 to 4:30 would be fine.”  They said, okay, 3:30 – 4:30 would be fine.  I mean, who makes the bed and washes all the dishes on Saturday?  Not me, unless I have to.  We got the bed made, and the magazines picked up, and got ANOTHER call, “Never mind, we’ll schedule for another day.”  AAaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!

I’ve also been stewing over the ecclesiastical trial of Rev. Janie Pharr out in California.  She was on trial in a presbytery court for conducting 16 gay marriages while it was legal in California.  She got the lightest possible sentence – a rebuke – but the trial ate up a lot of my emotional capital through the week.  If you are interested in those proceedings, Google Presbyterian Gay Marriage Trial, or look on Twitter for hashtag #revjanie.

In and amongst all that angst, we went to Shreveport to the commissary on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  I did okay at the casino, bringing home $60 more than I went down there with.

In other stuff I’ve been doing, I’m trying to transcribe my diary from our trip through Europe in 1982, and get all the pictures and sundry souvenirs scanned into the computer.  I’m also about half-way through the last of the Millinium series (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest).  Really fascinating reading – I’m going to be upset when I’ve finished the book.

I also have finished the back of Ray’s Christmas sweater present.  Now for the front and the sleeves.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting while I watched TV until I started again when Kate wanted me to teach her to knit.  She was way too hyper to learn (she’s only 8), but Grandmother enjoyed finishing her scarf for her.

We’ve come to the end of the West Wing for this year (we do a West Wing marathon every summer since regular TV is so dreadful).  We’ve received “It’s Complicated” from Netflix, and will watch it either tomorrow night or Monday night.  Monday we are expecting “The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain.”  Tonight is the final pre-season game for the Cowboys!  They’re looking okay, and I hope they continue their winning ways once the games start counting. 

Tomorrow evening is the Newcomers Dinner for PHPC.  Big Al really enjoys going, and I don’t mind it, although I’m not at my best in large dinner party crowds.  I do better in groups of 4-6.


This is just going to be a quick update on stuff that’s hanging.

The lady came and looked at the house yesterday afternoon.  She’s a realtor who buys investment rental properties.  She said she really likes to buy both sides of these duplexes, and I don’t think Li Ching wants to sell her half, so I’m not holding my breath.  She was favorably impressed with the kitchen and the bathroom (liked the tile) and loved the flooring, so who knows.  I’m not holding my breath.  Thanks for all the prayers – I guess God just isn’t ready for us to move yet.

I had the consultation with the plastic surgeon for the Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose.  He will do Moh’s surgery on it.  He says it has a 99% cure rate, so that’s encouraging.  The surgery is scheduled for September 23rd.  They remove the offending spot with local anesthesia, and slap a bandage on it, and then I can go eat breakfast, or read a book, or whatever, and then I come back in about an hour and a half.  While I’m messing around, they are doing the pathology on what they removed, and if they got it all with good, clean edges, then I can go home.  If not, they will remove another little bit, and we repeat the deal.  Again they look at the new tissue and see if they’ve got good, clean edges.  Then I go home and come back the next day for him to put in the stitches.  Stitches stay in for 4-5 days, and then I have a follow-up a couple of months later, and then it’s over.  Sounds pretty easy.  I’m not worried.

So now we’re back to the doldrums of the dog days of summer.  Yawn!

Wanting prayer bomb

Out of the blue, my realtor got a call from another realtor who really wants to show my house.  The contract ran out at the first of the month, but apparently it never has been taken out of Multi-List.

Pleading for massive prayers tomorrow, Thursday, 8/19/10, between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. central daylight time.

Let’s get this thing sold and get out of here!


Prep and Colonoscopy

Yesterday, Big Al had to do the no-food, clear liquids only diet for his colonoscopy.  Luckily, Chow Thai Addison

had been running a promotion on Facebook to get over 200 “Likes” on their page.  They had a deal when they reached the magic number of 200 “Likes” they would give all patrons on August 15th 50% off on their dinner!  That worked out great for us.

Big Al was able to get two BIG bowls of tasty chicken broth (about the best he could ask for – liquid and clear).

And I got a Bento Box with Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai, Shrimp Tempura, Veggies, House Salad with Mango, three kinds of melon, with Wonton Soup to start and Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.

This morning we got up early (6:00 a.m.) and drove to the hospital.  They whisked Al in to do the procedure about 8:30 and he was back in the cubicle with me before 9:00.  The doctor removed two polyps (a great improvement over the 25 three years ago, and the 5 two years ago.)  We should have the results of the biopsy in about a week, but she didn’t think there is anything to worry about and he doesn’t need to have another one for three years.  (I won’t gross you out with the nice pictures of the interior of his colon!)

I had a screening colonoscopy two years ago and she told me I don’t need another one for 10 years (praise God), unless I have some trouble.  Now I have an eye appointment on Thursday and my consultation with the plastic surgeon for my basal cell carcinoma on Friday.  I also have a mammogram scheduled for August 30.  Then I will have the surgery as soon as possible and we’ll have all that stuff behind us for a few more years.  It’s not fun getting old – but it’s better than the only other alternative.

Happy Birthday to me (2 days late)

That’s right, on August 12, 1944, I made my appearance in the world.

I believe I’ve said before that I didn’t know how my mother managed to be pregnant and give birth in the middle of August in Texarkana, AR, in the days before air conditioning.  Although I guess if you got pregnant at Christmas you didn’t have much choice.

Anyway I had a nice birthday (after I got over my snit at the State of Louisiana).  We kind of did a “French” day.  I had a coupon for a free pastry from La Madelaine

so we went there for lunch.  I had my usual – a Duet Magnifique – with Chicken Salad on Croissant and a cup of Onion Soup.  Big Al had a Duet with Croque Monsieur and a cup of Onion Soup.  Very TASTY!

Then for dinner we went to Lavendou

Where I had Canard Roti au Cassis with a starter of Terrine du Chef, and Big Al had a special of Sole with Crab and a starter of French Onion Soup.  Because it was my birthday, I splurged and had a Tarte au Chocolat.

Also, I got lots of e-cards and birthday wishes on Facebook, a singing e-mail from my granddaughter, and phone calls from my sister and my grandson!

A great day, over all!

Louisiana Makes Me WILD!

Yesterday I got a Certified letter from the state of Louisiana saying that I owed them $600+ for Withholding Taxes.  This was for my son’s company,

When he moved from Texas to Louisiana in February of 2009, he tried to find a little work down there.  At one point, he thought he was on the verge of getting a nice contract to install SharePoint and a back-up solution for a company with offices in Louisiana and Texas.  His brother in Illinois was on tap to assist with the installation, so I dutifully set up an account with Louisiana, and another with Illinois to pay withholding on their salaries.

Unfortunately, the economy was still so shaky that the contract never materialized, and my Louisiana son took a job with

in July, 2010.  My Illinois son attempted to find contract work for the company in Illinois, but that never materialized, either.  By the middle of the fall, we realized that no one was bringing in any revenue to the company, and I took steps to shut it down.  I filled out the forms of dissolution for Texas (where it was registered), and wrote letters to both Illinois and Louisiana saying that we had never had any employees in their states, never paid any wages, and consequently, we did not owe any withholding to them.

After I got the Certified letter from them yesterday, I called and asked them what they were talking about.  They acknowledged the receipt of that letter, and even quoted from it to me over the phone.  They said I still had to file a return showing no tax due – and I could do it on the website.  When I had tried to do just that, the form on the website refused to take $0.00 as amount paid, or owed.

The upshot of it is, I had to manually fill out 8 months worth of $0.00 wages, $0.00 tax due, and an end-of-year recapitulation!  I sent it off Certified mail today, to the tune of $4.12 postage.

This had better be the end of it.

General Exonerated for Vietnam-Era Bombings

This headline on the Third Age page on Facebook sent shockwaves through my system.

Big Al served under General Lavelle as an Air Intelligence officer, both in Germany and in Vietnam.  He personally briefed him, and served under him at “Task Force Alpha”, in Southeast Asia.  Those familiar with General Lavelle’s troubles know that it was because he ordered bombings in the north while peace negotiations were on-going in Paris.  A one-striper admin blew the whistle on General Lavelle.

Al came out of Southeast Asia as a Captain in January 1971. and his career was going well.  He thought he was well on the road to his Majority, and then General Lavelle’s troubles happened.  He was stuck at England Air Force Base in Louisiana, and there was an attempt to exile him to Missile Defense in North Dakota, and change his career field from Intelligence to missiles.  He couldn’t figure out why, until he was told by a friend at Military Personnel Center that his file was tagged as one of “General Lavelle’s boys”.  His orders to Missiles were rescinded, and he was held in a kind of limbo for several months – working as Officer’s Club manager, and in other do-nothing jobs.  He cross-trained to Disaster Preparedness and finally got orders to Las Vegas where he spent 14 months picking up crashed airplanes in the desert. 

We got an opportunity to go to RAF Upper Heyford in England in the early days of the F-111.  There he continued as Disaster Preparedness Officer.  He was passed over three times for promotion until he was caught in a RIF (reduction in force) with 16 and a half years of service.   He spent the last three and a half years of his career as an enlisted man in order to be qualified for his retirement. 

How much difference would it have made if he hadn’t been associated with General Lavelle, or if General Lavelle hadn’t been wrongfully accused of misconduct? 

We’ll never know, but we’ll also never know all the rest of the collateral damage these “endless lies” caused thoughout the service, and the country.

I’ve never been fond of Nixon.  I’ve always thought, even before the impeachment, he was one of the worst presidents in our history.  Now to find out he hung General Lavelle (and basically all those who were loyal to him) out to dry, just reinforces my dislike and the contempt I hold him in.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

It’s awful today. 

Plus, there’s a level Orange Pollution Watch today, so I’m sneezing, and feeling like I’m talking in a gravel pit.  And not much anticipation of a change in anything.  20% chance of thunderstorms for a couple of days, beginning tomorrow, but that just raises the humidity levels and makes it feel hotter!

The little place on my nose that was biopsied last week turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma.  Very slow growing, and won’t change into anything dangerous, but I need to get it removed.  I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon on August 20th. 

Big Al has an appointment with the hearing aid people tomorrow.  Not covered by insurance, but we’ll find the money somewhere if he will only quit saying “huh?”

And the “organ” recital continues…

Prop #8

I’m quietly rejoicing that the judge in California has overturned Proposition #8 (for the time being).  It’s a matter of fairness in my opinion.

My sister and her husband have two very good friends who are lesbians in a committed relationship.  They live in New York City, and one of the women was Robert’s graduate assistant for several years almost 10 years ago.  Both women have gone on to get their medical degrees.  They also each have a son – the boys are half-brothers – they have the same father as a donor.  The boys are 5 and 6 years old, and each one has been adopted by the other mother.  They have worked things out legally, but they have not been able to marry.  I only have a 2nd or 3rd degree of connection, but I’ve followed their lives and their difficulties through my sister.  I’m pleased that they now have even more hope that they can further normalize their lives.

I also have a Twitter/Facebook friend who lives in Southern California who married her life partner on one of the few days it was legal.  They celebrated their second anniversary yesterday, and, now, are celebrating the fact that their marriage won’t be rescinded.

I rejoice with both these couples, and with all the other gays and lesbians who are now able to legally marry.  I just with it could be done in the Presbyterian Church (USA), by an ordained minister.  Maybe this will yet come.