Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!

It’s awful today. 

Plus, there’s a level Orange Pollution Watch today, so I’m sneezing, and feeling like I’m talking in a gravel pit.  And not much anticipation of a change in anything.  20% chance of thunderstorms for a couple of days, beginning tomorrow, but that just raises the humidity levels and makes it feel hotter!

The little place on my nose that was biopsied last week turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma.  Very slow growing, and won’t change into anything dangerous, but I need to get it removed.  I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon on August 20th. 

Big Al has an appointment with the hearing aid people tomorrow.  Not covered by insurance, but we’ll find the money somewhere if he will only quit saying “huh?”

And the “organ” recital continues…

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