Happy Birthday to me (2 days late)

That’s right, on August 12, 1944, I made my appearance in the world.

I believe I’ve said before that I didn’t know how my mother managed to be pregnant and give birth in the middle of August in Texarkana, AR, in the days before air conditioning.  Although I guess if you got pregnant at Christmas you didn’t have much choice.

Anyway I had a nice birthday (after I got over my snit at the State of Louisiana).  We kind of did a “French” day.  I had a coupon for a free pastry from La Madelaine

so we went there for lunch.  I had my usual – a Duet Magnifique – with Chicken Salad on Croissant and a cup of Onion Soup.  Big Al had a Duet with Croque Monsieur and a cup of Onion Soup.  Very TASTY!

Then for dinner we went to Lavendou

Where I had Canard Roti au Cassis with a starter of Terrine du Chef, and Big Al had a special of Sole with Crab and a starter of French Onion Soup.  Because it was my birthday, I splurged and had a Tarte au Chocolat.

Also, I got lots of e-cards and birthday wishes on Facebook, a singing e-mail from my granddaughter, and phone calls from my sister and my grandson!

A great day, over all!

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