Now what?

I talked to Sprint and told them all my problems, and that I had already ported my number to an iPhone.  They were disappointed, and wanted to know if there was “anything” they could do to keep me as a customer.  I basically told them my problems from last Thursday, and reemphasized that it was too late.  Somebody should have been more forthcoming last week instead of not caring then.  Anyway, Big Al is still on Sprint until his contract is out, and I’ve bought out the Netbook’s contract. 

I have a lovely little iPhone 4, 16 Gig that I will probably be boring everyone about while I learn how to use it. 

I’m already having fun with it.  I’ve figured out how to get Twitter, Facebook, and TweetDeck on it, so I’m set.

The real estate agent that nagged and nagged me to let him come by and sign us up finally did his homework.  He had an appointment for 1:30 today, but called about noon and asked to slip it to 5:00 p.m.  That was fine with me, but he just called back and said never mind – he couldn’t help us if we wanted to sell it at our price.  Well, duh!  I told him that when he first called.  We’ll just wait until either the market improves or until we pay off more of the principle.  We’re in the last half of a 15 year note, so it’s going pretty fast ($600+ a month) now.

John Harrison, one of my friends from Twitter (@tragic_pizza), will be in Allen tomorrow for a training session, and Al and I will be taking him out to dinner tomorrow night.  I asked him what kind of food he liked and he said he had never had Japanese but that he liked Oriental food, so why didn’t we try that.  I can’t decide whether to go to a Japanese Hibachi place, or to Tokyo One, the buffet that has sushi, salads, tempura, soups, and stir-fries. 

I’m leaning toward Tokyo One because it will give him a better idea of the variety.

Wednesday is my surgery on my skin cancer.  I’m not worried, but I’m going to milk the sympathy from Big Al as much as I can.

Other than that, I guess I’ll just look forward to the Congregational Transformation Conference in Ft. Worth in October, and also look forward to #unco11 next May.

Erika and the kids are coming for a long weekend over Columbus Day.  It will be nice to see them, and hopefully the weather will have improved by that time.

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