I’ve done it again

I promised I would write a little something here every day, and now it’s been since Monday since I’ve written a thing.  Sorry.

Tuesday evening we met a Twitter friend face-to-face for dinner.  John Harrison (@tragic_pizza) is an insurance salesman, and commissioned lay pastor from Alabama.  He was in Allen for training with his company so Big Al and I picked him up and took him to Tokyo One for dinner.  We had a really nice time.  He had never had Japanese food before, so we figured a buffet was the way to go.  He said he really liked the sushi and the kimchee (or however you spell it).

Yesterday I was up bright and early (actually earlier than bright) and took myself to Dr. Parker to have the basal cell skin cancer removed.  They have quite a little assembly line there.  I was the third one in at 8:00 a.m. and I was down in the cafe eating breakfast at 8:30.  I sat down there and read my mail (I LOVE my iPhone – sorry Sprint), and played a game or two, and then I went back upstairs to get the results.  Right at 10:00 the nurse called me in and told me they got it all the first time, so I could go home – and I did, with a nice little bandage.  I go back at 12:15 today to get a stitch or two put in.  Zero pain or discomfort.  The only complaint I’ve had is that the tape from the bandage is itching the corner of my eye, but all things considered that’s pretty minor.

We went to bridge in the afternoon, and I bid (and my partner made) a grand slam.  I asked the director, and nobody else had bid it on that hand!

Last night, I finished Ray’s Christmas present (if you don’t want to see it ahead of time, Ray, don’t look at the picture!)  I’m pretty proud of it because I made it without any pattern, just by measuring one of Al’s sweaters, adjusting, and the rest was from memory.  I think I’m going to make one for Al, next, and then maybe a cardigan for me.  Does anyone else want a sweater?  I’d love to knit one for you.  For family I’ll pop for the yarn, for anyone else, it you buy the yarn – I’ll knit it.

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