Bits and Pieces

We had session meeting Monday night.  It was the first of the year, and the first with only 21 members.  We’re gradually working down from 31 to 16 members.  It’s starting to feel more intimate and personal.  All that is to the good.  I’ll be going to the Presbytery meeting in March when we will be voting on the Amendments, including 10-A.  It will be held March 4th and 5th, with the business meeting being on March 4th and the amendment voting on March 5th.  It’s here in town so I won’t have to pop for an overnight stay.

Yesterday was kind of a day of catching up with stuff.  I went to the bank in the morning and deposited the money for Al’s Birthday Present to Bill’s account since he paid for it.  I keep wondering when the credit card bill with some of Christmas (including the first half of our new chairs) and Al’s party will be turning up.  I have the cash to pay it, but I worry that I’ll spend it before the bill comes.

Speaking of the chairs, they will be delivered on Friday!  Hooray!  I’ll definitely post pictures when they get here.

I’m beginning to get excited about going to #unco11.  I’ve already registered and sent my money in.  I got train tickets yesterday.  Now I need to arrange everything for that time.  I’m hoping that, if I make all kinds of arrangements to go, we will have sold the house, and I’ll have to give it up for this year.  I didn’t try to go last year because I kept thinking we would be on our way to Tacoma.  Maybe the opposite will work this year.  Big Al is not excited about it and has opted not to go, so I’ll be on my own.  I think I can cope!

I have a good friend on Twitter and Facebook who is an accomplished poet.  He’s asked me to do some editing of his poetry for him.  I take that as a high compliment!  You can see some of his work here.

Today is bridge at the church.  This is probably the last time I’ll be going there for bridge for a while, because the club I used to sub for has asked me to join as a permanent member.  I like those ladies (not that I don’t like the ones at church) and it will be fun to play with them again.  Besides they play for three hours instead of only two.

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