This and That

My last few posts with some old pictures rattled a few cages in my past.  Two cousins (sisters) who I grew up with, and who I rarely communicate with popped up with other remembrances.

Here we are in 1945 – Anne – the one in the middle is 2 1/2, and is supposed to be watching the “babies” – Mimi and me – age 1 year.  Mimi is the one trying to escape!

This is my 1st birthday party.  Anne is standing, Stuart (the only boy of all the cousins) and Annabel are sitting.  In the playpen are Abbie (that’s me), Genie (now called Eugenia ’cause that’s her real name) and Mimi.  Genie and Mimi were born in June before I was born in August.  Anne, Mimi, and I are 1st cousins; Stuart, Annabel and Genie are 1st cousins to each other and 2nd cousins to the three of us.

Your guess is as good as mine about who is which ghost!  This was Halloween of 1946 when we were two and three.

It was hot in those days in the summer in Texarkana in 1947, pre-air conditioning, so we cooled off in the old washtub in the backyard.

Here we are at Little River Country Club in 1949, cooling off in the river.  My sister Harriet has joined us, as you can see.  She’s 4 years younger than Mimi and I are, but she thought she was our age.

Here we all are, back at Little River Country Club in 1951, getting ready to go fishing.  Harriet still thought she could keep up with us.

My sister, Betty, has joined us now.  That’s Mimi, Abbie, and Anne on the back row, with Harriet sitting next to Baby Betty.  Our grandparents had this taken for Christmas 1951.

And here we all are on Christmas morning 1952, with our new dolls.  From left to right, Anne, Harriet, Abbie, Betty, and Mimi.

And then we moved to California, and Anne and Mimi moved to Virginia, and I don’t think we’ve ever all five been together again, not even for funerals.  I miss having them around!