I had to take my car to Service King today to get the fender replaced/repaired.  During the ice and snow I slid into the garage doorway as I was turning in from the alley. 

When we went to take it to the shop, Big Al stopped off to get the rental car that we will keep for the duration.  While he was trying to do the paperwork he discovered his driver’s license has expired!  He’s all fussy now, because the state didn’t send him a reminder notice.  And we wonder why kids today don’t have any sense of responsibility.

I spent last Friday and Saturday at Grace Presbytery meeting.  It was held at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.  It’s a beautiful facility with lots of history.  It also thinks very highly of itself, and its pastor is one of the original signatories of the “Deathly Ill Church” letter.  They have a similar membership to Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, but the two congregations are like chalk and cheese.  While several of their pastors and members spoke against Amendment 10-A, almost everyone (if not all) of the PHPC commissioners voted for it.

This is their organ and choir during the worship service.  I can understand why they object to leaving PC(USA) if they will have to abandon their building.  Choices are tough all over.

I’ll be sending some paperwork and debit cards for Ian to the South Louisiana Watters today.  Apparently the bank got confused about the address since Big Al and I have an UTMA for him at this address.  Whoever thought I’d have a grandson old enough to have a checking account, a savings account, and a debit card?

I’m trying a new spiritual discipline for Lent, Praying in Color.  I think I will like it.  Here are my prayers for today, so far. 

One thing I have discovered, I’m very verbal and have a hard time just doodling!  I also find myself singing the words to hymns mentally as I write things down.  (See Matt, above.)  I think I’m going to like it as long as I give myself permission to be verbal and sing while I’m doing it.

Are you trying anything new for Lent?