Feeling Sorry for Myself

I’ve been cruising along, feeling pretty good, happy with myself, doing my own thing.  Yesterday, I got a call from my bridge group that one of them had a Doctor’s appointment, so we weren’t going to meet.    That was okay, because I could still go down to the church and play in the duplicate group down there.  I went and got a new partner who I had never played with before.  That was fine, and – miracle of miracles – we won!  We had dreadful cards, but I guess we played those awful cards very well!

But my troubles started there.  For some reason the air conditioning was on (even though it was only 65 deg. outside) and it was VERY cold in the room where we play.  (We keep our house at 70 deg. all winter, and I know it was at least 5 if not 10 degrees colder at church.)  By the time we left, my nose was running, and I was shivering.

Then, I went back to the church for my “Praying in Color” group, followed by a lovely soup dinner catered by the Young Adults, followed by being an usher for the Ash Wednesday “Imposition of Ashes”, and “Communion” service.

When I got home from that, my nose was running like a fountain and I had the beginnings of a sore throat.  I didn’t sleep well last night because I coughed every time I turned over, and this morning I feel awful.

I love the spring flowers and the pink and white trees that bloom this time of year, except when they spread pollen all over.  I’m still not sure whether it’s something in bloom or getting so cold yesterday, but I have a TERRIBLE cough – and I’m feeling very sorry for myself.  I wish, just once, I could get through the spring without a major cough or earache.