Diet Check-In

I lost another 2 lbs this week.  I keep reminding myself that it took years to put it on, I shouldn’t be surprised it’s taking years to take it off.  That’s 11 lbs total gone – I hope for good!

We went to Maggiano’s for lunch today, and I had their herb roasted chicken and grilled asparagus.  I restrained myself and only had two small pieces of bread with that.  

I completely stayed away from the Tomato Caprese salad and the Maggiano’s Salad, both of which I adore, but both of which are loaded with hidden calories in the form of salad dressing and mozzarella cheese.

We like going there because Big Al can have an ENORMOUS bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, and then they give us another pasta dish to bring home.  He got Lasagna.  Now he’ll have something to eat some evening when I refuse to cook something fattening.  He has been “cutting down” he says and will probably lose twice the weight I do in half the time because he has been eating whatever he wants, and I’ve been being pretty careful all along.  Men and their metabolisms make me nuts!

Words Matter – 1st Sunday in Lent #2

From the Lenten Devotional Words Matter.

Read Matthew 4:1-11

In this reading we are reminded once again of John’s assertion that Jesus, the Christ, was the Word of God made flesh.  We see the devil trying to use words to tempt Jesus – and Jesus is able to return every time to God by remembering the words of scripture.

As I’ve said a couple of times, I am very grounded in words.  I am having difficulty sometimes Praying in Color because I’m so verbal.  My doodles have words surrounding, and woven in them.  I’m hoping to make those words shape a better world for the people I’m praying for, and for the understanding I’m seeking.

Words matter:  Words are matter; they make life.  Words matter; they wound and heal.  God gives us the creative grace to speak words that shape matter and persons to fuller life in Christ – words that minister love, mercy, promises and hope of God.

Words Matter – 1st Sunday in Lent #1

From the Lenten Devotional Words Matter

Read Romans 5:12-19

This passage goes to the very heart of the discussion about men, women, and women’s place in the church.  We have to be careful how we read this – is “man” all of humanity or is “man” uniquely male?  There are those who assert that this “maleness” makes women unfit for ordination.  Thank goodness we are now living in the age when the Presbyterian Church (USA) has decided that question and recognized women as fully equal and qualified.

Reading the genealogies of Christ in Matthew and Luke we see women valued and blessed from Eve down through Mary.  I was particularly struck by the quotation from Mary Daly who wrote, in 1981, “if God is male, then the male is God.”

Do you “hear” sexual and sexist pronouns in scripture or in sermons, and particularly in hymns, or do you just assume women are included because English doesn’t have an acceptable neutral pronoun? 

 Would your congregation bristle if we prayed, “Our Mother, who art in heaven…”? 

Do you object when we sing hymns with more inclusive language? 

Do words matter in this case?