What’s On My Mind?

I’m struggling with the Women’s History Month prompt for today.  It asked me how did feminism or being a strong woman affect my parenting style. 

Golly, I didn’t know I had a parenting style.  I’m old enough that I didn’t have anything except experience to go on when I was raising my sons.  And the only experience I had was to see how my mother raised me and my siblings. 

I felt like I was pretty well cared for growing up and I tried to do the same for my kids.  I saw to it that they were fed every day.  They had (reasonably) clean clothes to wear.  We read books every night before bed.  On weekends we tried to do something fun as a family. 

They either went to the Base Nursery (Day Care) or I had a teenaged baby sitter for them while we went out.  I worked part-time and I had a social life that included playing bridge and doing volunteer work on the base. 

I never really though about their “little psyches”.  They were just kids and I raised them the best way I knew how.

They would have to tell you whether they felt like I did a good job or not, but I can say that I’m happy at the way they turned out.  They are both caring, responsible adults and I’m proud of them.