Posted by: abbiewatters | March 19, 2011

It Keeps Coming Around

A Facebook friend of mine, a pastor, posted that she was attempting to let the worship leader at a conference know she was concerned about the exclusive male language being used for God in the worship service.  

He replied something like, “…the smart women I know don’t mind using masculine language for God because they know God isn’t male…” 

I answered with “(face palm)”. 

The responses on Facebook were uniformly supportive of my friend. 

One of the best replies, though, came in the form of a blog from another pastor.  Check it out!


On another note, the vote on Amendment 10-A was going on in 6 Presbyteries today.  Five have reported in, and the vote stands at 71 for and 49 against with one more Presbytery to check in today.  We need 87 Yes votes to pass it.


And in a moment of grief, it appears that we have decided to bomb Libya.  Lord, in your mercy help us to keep from believing our own press clippings.   Amen.


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