Words Matter – 3rd Sunday in Lent #1

Fighting Words

From the Lenten Devotional  Words Matter.

Read Exodus 17:1-7

I remember when Representative Giffords was shot, everyone was yelling and screaming that it was because of the hate and vitriol being spewed around by the far Right.  I will admit I thought so.  And then my friend Katie Mulligan pointed out that the Left commentators (notably Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann) were guilty of poking the tiger in the eye.  There was plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political discourse.  (On a personal note, I love Rachel and Keith and their acerbic wit, but I agree that their comments sometimes crossed the line.)

This lesson asks us “When do sarcastic words and actions stop being funny and start being hurtful?  How do you draw the line?”

Notice the Lord tells Moses to stand in front of the people – not answer them – just gather a community of leaders and go in front of the people.  Moses didn’t get defensive or answer fighting words with more anger or arm himself – just in case.  He dealt with the source of the problem.

Let’s pray that we have sense enough to be like Moses and deal with the problem, rather than fighting back.

The Roller Coaster Starts Again

On Thursday I got an e-mail from USAA with a special one time good deal with their MoversAdvantage® program.  If we signed up with their program we would get a rebate from their referral fee to the realtor, and we would also get an iPad II once the house closed.  With Big Al expecting his iPad II in the next couple of weeks, and my lust growing lustier and lustier, I decided to investigate the program.  They referred two realtors to me who had been “specially trained and certified” to work with USAA members.

We interviewed Tom Stites yesterday afternoon.  He seems like a nice fellow and, in his favor, his parents live right across the street from us.  He will probably want us to get the very best price for the house, since it would impact him and his family directly.

The other Realtor we interviewed this afternoon was Liz Applewhite.  She hasn’t been in the area all her life, but she seems knowledgable and has a good record in closing deals.

They both came up with almost identical prices to suggest what we list the house for – $189,900 and $189,812.  With both of those prices we will have a significant shortfall in order to be able to move to Franke Tobey Jones, but I suppose there is no reason NOT to take that money out of our IRAs.  After all, the money is there to use for our retirement, and that’s what it would be going for.

Apparently, USAA told them that they wanted the house sold by May 15th, and if they can get ‘er done by then, it would be worth it!  And if there’s anybody who can get a service provider’s attention, it’s USAA!

We have probably decided that we will list with Liz with Century 21, based on nothing but personal preference and gut feeling.  She did say that she thought she could find a buyer with cash rather than having to wait for mortgage information, so, that’s a big plus.

We’re going to sleep on it, and see whether we still feel the same way on Monday, or if by that time, we’ve decided to put it off until the market improves some more and our mortgage is paid down further. 

I know one thing, though, if we don’t decide to put it back on the market, I’m going to have a hard time keeping Big Al out of the boxes of DVDs!