A History of Skin Cancer – Update

I see one of my most popular posts is this one from last October.  If this blog helps you understand and be willing to “Hie thee to the doctor” at the first sign of a scaly spot or bump – Great!  I hope it’s a help to you. 

I thought I’d do an update six months along.  Here are the pictures of my nose – close-up and personal – today.  (Sorry about the frowzy hair!)

That little white place is just where the nose piece of my glasses press – not a scar.

Hope this helps someone! 

If you are someone who has been looking at these pictures, drop me a comment and let me know and tell us your story.  I know lots of people find my blog by searching “skin cancer” but, unfortunately, I don’t know who you are!

6 thoughts on “A History of Skin Cancer – Update

  1. I had a biopsy on the identical spot on the left side of my nose. I haven’t gotten the results but you have really put me at peace with what treatment would look like. She gave me the Mohs handout, however it’s a precarious spot so close to the eye. You faired well, thank you for sharing!! Jen D


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  3. Any signs? And are you pawing Big Al’s scalp for “other” unusual spots?

    I continue to play connect-the-dots with my skin tabs and growths. The doc took two for testing. Nothing special but they are starting to bug me. The one on the back of the knee itches if there is lighting about. .


  4. Is all OK now? Jodie has a very good friend who had melanoma and the doc had to take a lot of nodes out and she still stands a chance of more problems. Cancer runs rampant in her family. What is so strange is that the spot was on the bottom of her toe that never sees the sun. hope all is well with you!


    • All is well (at least at that spot.) I’ve reached the age where a semi-annual visit to the dermatologist is in order, just to be sure. There’s nothing else that I’m worried about.


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