Where I Go for News

I guess you can say I’m fairly eclectic in my choice of news media.

NPR Sign

I find that most of the news I get is on Twitter or Facebook first. Twitter often “scoops” even MSN.com or Yahoo.com. Once I’m alerted to something happening, I usually read more detailed information somewhere on the Web following links provided by Twitter and/or Facebook.

I get alerts on my phone, but prefer to read longer articles on the computer.

I do try to watch the national and local news at 5:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. most nights, although I admit what I’m most interested in on the local broadcasts is the weather. I also check Sports Center most evenings, mostly because my husband chooses to catch the scores.

I try to watch Rachel Maddow for political analysis once or twice a week, and I enjoy the in-depth coverage I get on NPR on Morning Edition, and All Things Considered.

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