Weekly Prayers

Here are the folks I’m praying for this week – the third week of Lent.

I don’t know this girl’s name, I’ll call her the bridesmaid.  She discovered she had Stage 4 breast cancer shortly after participating in a friend’s wedding.  She’s only in her mid-20s.

And this is for all those souls who are struggling with no health insurance, trying to decide whether to go to the doctor, or get worse.

And finally, my daily personal prayers for the third week of Lent.  I found most of them were prayers of thanksgiving – for illness avoided, for birthdays, for friendship, for children…

Lord, in your mercy…


My Top Celebrity Sightings

I've seen several celebrities in my life, but the absolutely top was at Royal Ascot in England in 1978 when I saw the Queen! She was returning to her box after inspecting one of her horses before the race.

She was wearing a beautiful bright yellow suit, and an emerald broach with a stone the size of a large hen's egg, surrounded by diamonds. I was so busy looking at the broach, I almost forgot to look at her!

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Words Matters – 2nd Sunday in Lent #1

We Speak of What We Know

From the Lenten Devotional Words Matter.

Read John 3:1-17

This is an interesting study of a very familiar passage.  Apparently we hear things differently depending on our background and our frame of reference.  There are cultural differences that lead to changed perceptions.

To someone from a traditional, loving, 2-parent/2-child nuclear family, “Our Father in heaven,” means something completely different than to someone who was abused and beaten by their father.  How will children of a married lesbian couple understand the phrase?

As our definition of “family” changes, our perception of God and the way we talk about Her must necessarily change.

Diet Check-In

I lost another 2 pounds this week, and that brings my total loss to 13 pounds!


The only problem with losing weight is Weight Watchers keeps cutting my available points for the day.  Oh, well, I haven’t been using all the points I had available anyway.

Now that it looks like I’m (maybe) going to be able to stay on this diet, I’ve got to think up some great treat for when I’ve lost 25 pounds and something even better for when I’ve lost 50 pounds.  I hope that 25 pounds will come by the time I go to #unco11 in New York in May.  And hopefully, 50 pounds will come by the end of the summer (maybe even by my birthday on August 12th).  That would be a great birthday present!

It Keeps Coming Around

A Facebook friend of mine, a pastor, posted that she was attempting to let the worship leader at a conference know she was concerned about the exclusive male language being used for God in the worship service.  

He replied something like, “…the smart women I know don’t mind using masculine language for God because they know God isn’t male…” 

I answered with “(face palm)”. 

The responses on Facebook were uniformly supportive of my friend. 

One of the best replies, though, came in the form of a blog from another pastor.  Check it out!


On another note, the vote on Amendment 10-A was going on in 6 Presbyteries today.  Five have reported in, and the vote stands at 71 for and 49 against with one more Presbytery to check in today.  We need 87 Yes votes to pass it.


And in a moment of grief, it appears that we have decided to bomb Libya.  Lord, in your mercy help us to keep from believing our own press clippings.   Amen.

My Prayers This Week

At our Lenten Prayer Group on Wednesday we prayed for our Overseas Workers that are either members of our congregation, or directly supported by our congregation.

Deborah had a tough time this week with her ECT treatments, so her page was added to.

Eriq needs additional prayers as his surgery for liver cancer has been scheduled for later in the month.

And I have a Lenten Calendar where I pray for one person each day.  I have Fridays scheduled for family, and, if someone has need of prayers on a particular day, I schedule them.

And I’ve kept Japan in my prayers for the whole week this week.