Posted by: abbiewatters | May 25, 2011

Words Matter

Presbyterian Women’s Peace and Justice Committee has made available a new issue of Words Matter, the resource I used during Lent for some of my blogs.  This issue features three stories from three different people who noticed the importance of words.

The first story tells of a woman who received a grant of money to purchase musical instruments for her students with learning disabilities. Along with the grant came to opportunity to speak to the executive committee at the next conference. She was very intimidated, but placed herself in God’s hands. “My Creator gave me strength to speak with confidence and…the grant was increased for the next recipients!”

The second story is from a man who, as a child, saw a sign in the church choir room that said, “Peace on earth and good will to men.” Only someone had scratched through the word “men” and written in the word “ALL.”  He says, “I’m grateful for that bit of godly graffiti in the church choir room…we are called to read between the lines, listen to voices from the margins, rewrite exclusive and oppressive stories, and proclaim the good news of the gospel:  God’s gift of grace and peace for all.”

The third story reminds us that the Hebrew name for God, YHWH, can be read as “I will be whomever I will be.” The author says, “I could LOVE God who refused to be defined by human language that is a product of patriarchal culture…My God is a verb, ever evolving…”

In Genesis 1:1-5, God spoke the light into being. And in John 1:1-4, we read “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

What is the power of our words? How might we use them?


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