Posted by: abbiewatters | May 30, 2011

The Boredom of Holidays

When you’re retired and have no family living near, holidays can be incredibly boring.

I would love to go somewhere and do something, but the heat (note that it is 9:30 in the morning, and there’s an expected high of 92 deg today)

dictates doing something indoors, and Big Al’s back means it can’t be anything that involves walking any distance.  So we spend the holiday weekends just like we spend every weekend – only an extra day of it.  We don’t have the funds to go anywhere overnight, and any decent scenery to drive through is more than a day – round trip.  We have to save our sheckles for moving to Tacoma.

And as retirees, weekends don’t feel any different than weekdays, except for church on Sunday.  At least we get to play bridge during the week on Wednesday afternoons (Big Al plays at the church and I play at a ladies’ bridge group at Barnes & Nobles).

If and when we get moved into Franke Tobey Jones ( in Tacoma, we’ll be able to just walk across the street from our house to find a bridge game, get lunch, attend a class or even use the exercise equipment.  And we won’t have to worry about the heat!

People wonder how we’ll cope with the constant grey skies, and rain in the Pacific northwest.  We lived in England for 6 years, and I didn’t think it rained enough.  You just buy a good raincoat and an umbrella, and maybe some wellies, and you go out and live your lives (without sweating as soon as you walk out the door.)

We enjoyed the beginning of our annual West Wing marathon last week.  We finally gave up and opened some of the boxes we packed 18 months ago, and got out our own copies of the show. At least now we don’t have to carefully plan our viewing to be sure we get our Netflix delivery on time.  I’m eternally grateful that we can watch instant movies with the Sony DVD Player and Netflix.

So now it’s back to working with Facebook to see whether I have all the ladies in the Presbyterian Women Interest Group friended and on my list.



  1. It’s the same for some of the kids.

    It was 90 in Chicago. Nice thing is it cooled off fast.

    It has been a slow, lazy day.


  2. Abbie,
    Just left you a reply saying I experience the holidays the same way, as our kids and their families live in Colorado and California and we in Ohio.

    When I like your post it wants a username and password. Is that something I have to sign up for on


    • I’m not sure – I’ve never had anyone else mention it, and of course it doesn’t tell me that. I’ll have to investigate.


  3. Abbie,
    I feel the same way about holidays. Once our boys grew up and moved away in the early/mid nineties, we too had no one to celebrate with. We too stay home most holidays.
    I sometimes think those of us at church, who have no family to celebrate with, should get together.
    Today it is 90 degrees here — really hot for early June in Ohio — so I am staying inside and getting my photo/art day for kids at church organized.
    Wish I had taken some time to learn how to do more facebook stuff from you at UNCO11 — just not enough time.
    I need to figure out how to make and use lists on FB.
    Take care,

    Janet L. Bohren


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