I’m Pretty Excited!

Bill, Erika, and the kids will be in Big D tonight! They are going to a wedding tomorrow afternoon/evening in Denton, so we won’t get much of a chance to visit with them, but we will get to have supper together tonight.

Bill and the kids will have to leave early Sunday morning and Erika is flying to Nashville for another week as a trainer, so she will spend the day and night with us. Then we get to do an early morning run to DFW on Monday.

I hope Bill can come by the house for just a little bit and put the shower head back on. The cleaning crew knocked it off, so I didn’t get a shower this morning. Makes me a little cranky. Big Al could probably fix it, but his back makes it hard for him to work over his head, and I can barely reach it (I’m a little vertically challenged).

We have another house showing tomorrow, so I guess the market is picking up a little. When Big Al talked to Franke Tobey Jones they said they could hold the open duplex for us for at least two weeks and maybe longer. Lord in your mercy, let this work out for us this year. Amen.