Diet Woes

Sometimes I wonder if I have any sense at all. After last week when I finally got back to my low weight after traveling and having a good time through the end of May, you’d think I’d have better sense than to blow it all – but blow it I did. Although I did have an excuse. You see yesterday was our anniversary and we went to our favorite French restaurant for dinner.

When we arrived, there was a beautiful floral arrangement, waiting for us. Big Al had ordered it to be delivered to the restaurant.

For starters I had Assiette du Charcouterie (better known as assorted meats, sausages, and cheese). There was prosciutto, brie, several kinds of house-made sausages, and pate with toasted, crispy French bread! Wonderful!

For my main course, it was rack of lamb. Yum, Yum! With ratatouilli and new potatoes! Yum, Yum, Yum.

And dessert was creme broulee (add up all the ‘Yums’ above and add a few)!

Suffice it to say I regained 4 of my hard-lost pounds. Sigh!

But there are no holidays, or special days, or any other reason for me to make a fool of myself at the table for at least two weeks (maybe longer), so I’ll get those pounds off, and a few more besides, I hope.