Posted by: abbiewatters | June 20, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

Just heard from the realtor. She says she talked to one interested buyer who will be giving her a bid in the next couple of days. (His realtor is out of town, but as soon as she gets back…). The other people who have been here at least two and maybe three times and are trying to decide whether to make an offer on mine or one other is still trying to decide. Maybe the first buyer will light a fire under the second set.

I’m asking for prayers for the process, but I will settle for a witch doctor’s dance or sacrificing a goat. 7 days in a row of +100 degree weather IN JUNE is just too much.

I’ve had St. Joseph buried in the front yard for the last year, and he hasn’t done any good. If anyone has any further suggestions, I’m open.

Please Buy My House!



  1. I hope you looked up who the mask represents. I’d hate for you to have to salt and smudge the place.

    I’ll send you are the kharma I can.


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