We’re scurrying out early to Bridge because someone is coming to look at the house at 11:00. Got this e-mail from our realtor yesterday…

Hi Al and Abbie,

I still have not heard back from XXXXXXXXX. However, yesterday I got a call from
Jo Perry with Virginia Cook realtors. She is going to set up a showing tomorrow
I believe and really thinks her client may make an offer. I hesitate telling
you, because this is the third “I want to make an offer” we’ve gotten, so let’s
just wait until we get the “real deal” before celebrating.

BUT, I did want you to  know what was cooking. This latest person appears in a
hurry so maybe that’s a good thing.

I’ll keep you posted.

We can but hope…

(Are y’all getting as tired of these “maybe today”s and hopeful posts as I am?)

Update this evening. The buyer didn’t want the house. Didn’t like my neighbor’s fence (as if I could do anything about that…)