Joy and Happiness

Before you get all excited, no we didn’t sell the house. ūüė¶

But at Toastmasters this morning, one of the speeches was about Happiness, and how to have real happiness. The speaker posited three necessities for happiness.

  1. Have something to do.
  2. Have something to love.
  3. Have something to look forward to.

So I’ll try to drag myself out of my funk by listing a few things in those categories, to remind myself so I can be happy.

What do I have to do? Right now I’m involved in getting the Presbyterian Women Interest Group on Facebook organized and moving.

It is taking on a life of its own and has now spawned four Bible studies, and seven discussion groups related to various issues facing Presbyterian Women. We don’t just have Presbyterians, either, but are ecumenical, with members of Disciples of Christ, Methodists, Lutherans, United Congregationalist, and at least one Catholic. It’s a vibrant, enthusiastic group of women who are interested in social and religious issues facing all of the world. That also gives me an excuse to indulge my Social Media relaxation where I can eavesdrop on lots of other people’s lives.¬†It’s wonderful for an introvert like me – to be able to have contact with folks without having to be around them all the time.

What do I have to love? I love my husband of 46+ years.

I love¬†my kids and grandkids – although I don’t get to see them as often as I would like.

I also love my friends on Twitter and Facebook who allow me to get in their lives and in their heads. I love my church friends – although they sometimes irritate me. I love God.

What do I have to look forward to? In the very short term, I’m looking forward to lunch tomorrow with Big¬†Al’s men’s group at the church. On Sunday, I’m looking forward to a new-style EPIC worship service in the evening. On Monday, we’re going to the commissary with a nice trip to the casino and overnight in the Horseshoe Hotel. In a little bit longer term, I’m looking forward to going to Mo Ranch for the Bible Study Conference, and reconnecting with Margaret Aymer Oget, aka @mayog, one of my Twitter friends who I met IRL at #UNCO11. She is the author of the Presbyterian Women’s Bible study for this year and she will be presenting at the conference.

I’m a little afraid to think about looking forward to moving to Tacoma, because whenever I get my hopes up, they seem to be dashed – but I guess I can put that into the category of looking forward in the loooooooooong term.

And in reflecting on Happiness, and thinking about¬†these three questions lead me back to my series from last December on Joy!¬†Maybe I’ll go back and work through those suggestions again.