Posted by: abbiewatters | July 16, 2011

My Birth

What year were you born? On what date? – I was born in 1944 on August 12th.

What day of the week was it? – It was a Saturday.

Did your parents tell you anything about the day you were born? – I don’t think Papa really knew anything about the day I was born, except after the fact. He was in Europe during the second world war. I believe it was during the preparations for Battle of the Bulge. Papa was in ordinance as an engineer, so he would have been involved in the planning.

He was in France at that time, having followed the initial invasion on D-Day by several weeks.

Where were you born? – I was born in Texarkana, TX. Mama was living with my grandparents (in Texarkana, Arkansas) while Papa was overseas. She had been a medical technician before they married, and I was born in the hospital were she had worked.

This was August in Arkansas/Texas, so you know it was unbelievably hot. I can’t imagine being in labor in August before the days of air conditioning.

In those days, women stayed in the hospital for two weeks after giving birth, and Mama really enjoyed relaxing in bed, being waited on hand and  foot, and visiting with the nurses and technicians who had been her colleagues not too long before.  Mama told me I was born looking just like Papa, which would have been great except, as she said, a 33-year-old man’s face on a new-born was just funny. The nurses were shocked – shocked, I tell you – when she laughed so hard every time she looked at me.



  1. August 1944 — that would have been during Patton’s break out and during the preparation for Market Garden.

    The Bulge was just before Christmas of ’44.

    (I happen to watch “Battleground” and “Patton” for the umpteenth thousandth time this week.) 😉


    • Okay. So I was born in the summer before the Christmas Battle of the Bulge. You don’t think they just MIGHT have been preparing for that offensive a mere three months before it happened?


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