Tell me about your parents. Where were they born? – Papa was born in Spokane, Washington, and Mama was born in Texarkana, Arkansas.

When were they born? – Papa was born November 29, 1911, and Mama was born February 19, 1920.

What memories to you have of them? – I’ve already done a couple of long posts about each of them. Here’s the one about Papa (it also happened to be the eulogy I gave at his memorial service.) Mama figured prominently in this one and also on Mother’s Day in this one.

As you can probably tell from my posts in this series so far, both of my parents figured prominently in my life. I can’t write about me and my childhood without writing about them.

Here’s Mama, aged 14 months.

Mama – Age 12.

Mama at the University of Arkansas.

Papa – Age 14.

Papa in 1938.

Papa in 1949.

I imagine you’ll find out lots more stuff about both of them as this series goes. on.

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