Posted by: abbiewatters | August 11, 2011

Spousal Wrap-up

What was the first big purchase you made with your spouse? – I’m trying to remember. We lived in furnished, rental places until after we got back from Germany and Al got back from Thailand. I guess the first thing we bought was a mattress, and we may have bought it when we lived in Denver before we went to Germany. Although the house was furnished, the mattress on the bed wasn’t the best, so I think we bought a mattress and box springs of our own and put it on their frame. When we set up housekeeping in Pineville/Alexandria, LA, we mostly furnished the house with contemporary attic, and nouveau thrift shop.

What makes your spouse special or unique? – Oh, my!

  1. He loves me
  2. I love him
  3. He’s pretty helpful around the house
  4. He trained our boys to be helpful around the house
  5. He’s pretty even-tempered
  6. He’s a good provider
  7. He let me work when I wanted to and let me be a stay-at-home mom when I wanted to
  8. He encouraged me to grow
  9. He usually weighed all the options and picked the one that was best for the family and not necessarily the best for him
  10. He chose his career so we could live all over the world
  11. He loved my grandparents and parents as much as I did
  12. He was a wonderful caregiver for his mother and my father before they died
  13. I love him
  14. He loves me

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