Posted by: abbiewatters | August 15, 2011

Holidays, Pt. 1

What do you remember about holiday celebrations? Is there one holiday memory that stands out for you?


Christmas is and was a big holiday for us. We always had stockings even after we were grown. It was best if we had a big family celebration, and we always tried to have as many people as possible for dinner.

Ray’s second Christmas – 1968, in Germany. We didn’t have any other family around, but we invited a couple of airmen from the base who were far away from home, too.

Christmas 1970 – the first year Mama and Papa were back in Texarkana. Ray and I were there (along with Harriet, and Nannie). Al was still in Thailand.

Christmas – 1973 we spent in Canonsburg at Al’s parent’s house.

Christmas – 1978 we spent in England.

In 1980 we came home to Texarkana for Christmas.

In 1991 we were living in Abilene, but came to Texarkana for Christmas. Stocking for all four of us, for Mama and Papa, and for Bill and his family.

And the last Christmas in Texarkana, in 1996.

Just a few stockings when we were living in the apartment the first year in Dallas – 1997. Bill was newly married and in Louisiana, and we only had Ray and his girl friend with us – although we did go to my brother Bill’s for dinner.

In 1999, it was Ian’s first Christmas to know what was happening, so Al, Ray, Papa and I all trekked to Metairie, LA, to have Christmas down there.

In 2000, Bill and Co. were in Dallas, and we had Christmas at my house.

In 2002, Kate has joined us and the mantle is again jammed with stockings.

In Dallas, for Christmas 2006, amid all the destruction of Christmas morning.

In 2009 we all descended on Madisonville, LA where Bill and his family are living.

And in 2010, it was just Al and me in Dallas (although we DID go to Bill Greisser’s house for dinner).


Easter is much more of a religious holiday for us, because it ALWAYS happens on Sunday! So we always go to church on Easter, followed by a dinner, usually with friends and family.

Ray’s first Easter basket in 1966.

And his first Easter Egg Hunt in Denver, in 1967.

Easter always also means new clothes. Here is Ray in his Easter Suit in 1971.

And Billy’s first Easter Egg Hunt in 1973.

The boys hunting Easter Eggs in Las Vegas in 1976.

It was too cold to hunt Easter Eggs outside in April in England, so the bunny made nests for candy and eggs in the house (isn’t that a DREADFUL rug? English decorating…)

In 1979 we had the Morgan’s come to dinner in Finstock.



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