All about ME!

(Those of you wanting pictures and warm fuzzies can quit reading right now. I didn’t make up these questions…)

What do you think are your three best qualities?

  1. Intelligence
  2. Forthrightness
  3. Honesty

What do you think are your three worst qualities?

  1. Pride
  2. Aggressiveness
  3. Bluntness

And when you think about it, it just depends on whether you like what I’m saying or dislike what I’m saying whether you think the same thing is Best or Worst!

What do you think you have the most of: talent, intelligence, education, or persistence? I have the most intelligence.

How has it helped you in your life? – From the exalted age of 67 years, I’m not sure my intelligence has really helped me all that much. I never HAD to work at grades so I didn’t study. I know a lot of people think I’m a “know-it-all” because I usually DO know the answer to most questions, but that doesn’t necessarily endear me to others.

Do you have any special sayings or expressions? – Probably too many to list.

  1. When I agree with someone hoping for something, I say “From your mouth to God’s ears.”
  2. “Oh, please,” when I disagree or think someone is being overly sure of themselves.
  3. “Quack” when the Oregon Ducks score in football.

What’s your favorite book and why? – I’ve got so many favorites it’s hard to pick just one. I love “Gone with the Wind”  probably because it was the first “adult” novel I ever read. I also adore “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy  , partly because it’s a great story dealing with wonderful, eternal themes of courage, and perseverance, and friendship, and honor, and partly because Tolkien drew from the countryside around Oxford and it makes me homesick for the Cotswolds whenever I read it (how’s THAT for a sentence – parse THAT if you will). I also love the novels by Elizabeth Goudge, most of which are out of print now.  She treats her characters, with all their flaws, with love and compassion. And for light reading I love the mysteries of Tony Hillerman, and the novels and mysteries of Father Greeley. I always feel like I accidentally learn something from them in and around the edges of a great story.

What’s your favorite movie and why? – I love “Gone with the Wind”  (see above), and “The Lord of the Rings”   (again, see above). In a more current vein, I liked “The Help”  – I thought it was true to the book. The book made me uncomfortable – convicted me – but I appreciated the look at history. I know there are some people who disliked both the movie and the book because they felt like a white woman couldn’t tell the story of the black women in the 1960s, but I thought it rang true to what I knew in Arkansas during that time. I also love “The Blind Side”.  Probably the same people who disliked “The Help” disliked “The Blind Side” for the same reasons, but I appreciated the story of hope and redemption told there.

3 thoughts on “All about ME!

  1. Pretty accurate, I think. Although you were probably hard on yourself. Re: The Help
    I thought of Daisy Burton. And how Nannie and Gankie bought her groceries and she ironed Gankie’s boxers until she died, after she “retired”


    • When the movie was talking about the maids who loved their white children, I thought of Daisy and her friends making a quilt as a wedding present for me. And I also thought of what she said when I took Baby Ray over to see her. She said, “Looking at that little face was just like looking at the face of the baby Jesus!” I loved her, too.


      • My memory of Daisy (actually not technically a “memory” since I was but a babe) was when she came upon me yeowling in my crib (Mama was apparently letting me”cry it out” as mothers sometimes just have to do.) Anyway, Daisy snatched me up, hugged me to her ample bosom, and told Mama “Don’t every let me hear that baby crying like that again.” So There!


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