Posted by: abbiewatters | August 31, 2011

Finishing up The Present

(“The Present” was a short section. I wonder what that means?)

What things are most important to you now? – God, my family, and my health.

Why? – You could probably say God is very important to me now because I’m afraid of death (since its inevitability is growing closer all the time), but I really don’t think that’s so. I don’t think I’ve ever feared death – I’ve feared leaving my family to fend for themselves without having me here to help them – I’ve feared death for other people from the selfish perspective of no longer having them here for my sake. But the pragmatist in me says “It is what it is, and it will be what it will be.” Likewise, the Presbyterian in me says “I was predestined from before the world began to take my place in God’s presence for all eternity.” So there it is – my philosophy in a nutshell.

How have your dreams and goals changed through you life? – It’s funny, I don’t think they have changed all that much. I have wished for wealth, etc., but great wealth, and great power have never been a dream and certainly not a goal. As I said, I’m a pragmatist – I do the best I can in whatever circumstance I find myself, and if I don’t like it, I either change the circumstance, or change my attitude toward it. I may never “get very far,” but likewise, I’m pretty content with my life as I’m living it.

(If you are ready to quit reading this because you can’t stand Pollyanna, feel free. Sorry, but the above is true as I understand myself.)


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