Posted by: abbiewatters | September 7, 2011

Looking Back

There are some ages we don’t look forward to. What birthday were you least enthusiastic about? Why? – I haven’t really dreaded any age.

I’m always happy to be upright and moving as each birthday arrives. I keep on looking forward.

If you could go back to any age, which age would it be and why? – I certainly don’t want to repeat my 40’s or my 50’s (see previous posts to understand why).

I think if I could go back to age 5 and get to age 10 and then repeat indefinitely, that would be fine – but only if my parents and grandparents were still young and still available. I was well-loved and comfortable – even spoiled – during those years before the angst of teenage. The other age I would go back to is probably 62 or 63.

I was exercising regularly (even though I was too fat), I was enjoying my professional life, and I had plenty of time to play around. I was also still learning – computers and their intricacies this time – and that made it very interesting.

How do you feel about growing old? – It’s better than the only other alternative. 😉

What’s the hardest thing about growing older? – Not being as physically active, and as sure on my feet. I used to enjoy walking and even hiking but I’m afraid of stumbling and falling if the surface isn’t smooth.

(That’s not me, but that’s how I feel sometimes…)

What’s the best thing about growing older? – Having people be helpful without having to ask. Folks offer to carry things for me, and they offer me a seat on public transportation. It’s nice to be catered to, a little bit.

I also think grandchildren are my reward for not killing my own kids!


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