Posted by: abbiewatters | September 14, 2011

The Story of My Life

If you were writing the story of your life, how would you divide it into chapters? – I would definitely divide it as we moved around the country and the world. Maybe I’m more affected by my surroundings than most people, but it seems to me that my life changed as we moved, beginning in my childhood – right up until today. That also makes nice, neat divisions in the story.

Chapter 1:  Texarkana – I am born and live with Mama and Nannie and Gankie while Papa is overseas in the army.

Chapter 2 – California, after Papa came home

Chapter 3 – Houston, TX – Dunlevy Street and Myrtle Street

Chapter 4 – Pasadena, TX

Chapter 5 – Concord, California

Chapter 6 – Westfield, NJ

Chapter 7 – Junior College – Texarkana, AR

Chapter 8 – Stephen F. Austin State College – Nacogdoches, TX

Chapter 9 – Denver, CO

Chapter 9 – Ramstein AB, Germany

Chapter 10 – Westfield, NJ, and Nacogdoches, TX, while Al was in Southeast Asia

Chapter 11 – England AFB, Alexandria, LA

Chapter 12 – Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, NE

Chapter 13 – RAF Upper Heyford, England

Chapter 14 – RAF Fairford, England

Chapter 15 – Texarkana, AR

Chapter 16 – Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX

Chapter 17 – The apartment in Dallas

Chapter 18 – The house in Dallas

Chapter 19 – Looking forward to Franke Tobey Jones

The End!



  1. love the old photos.


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