Posted by: abbiewatters | September 22, 2011

Messages to the Progeny

If you could write a message to each of your children and grandchildren and put it in a time capsule for them to read 20 years from now, what would you write to each?


You should be just about ready to start receiving Medicare benefits, with only a couple of years to go before you get Social Security. I sincerely hope, and pray, that those benefits are there for you – or at least some sort of retirement package. I know you’ve had a hard time saving, since you’ve spent your best younger years bouncing around from job to job through no fault of your own. I hope you’ve developed a community of friends with similar interests. After worrying about you monetarily, I worry about you socially. I’m usually content with lots of “ME” time, but I don’t know what I’d do without Dad to eat with, and share TV time with. When it comes to making friends and saving money, remember “You gotta do it before you HAVE to do it.” I hope you’re happy and healthy. I know you can entertain yourself pretty well, so I’m not too worried about you being bored. Keep exploring new things, and learning new stuff. I pray you’ve been able to reconnect with your faith in God. It’s essential for me, and I grieve because you seem to have lost it. I love you, MOM


The kids are grown and moved out of the house, and you and Erika have been in an empty nest for almost 10 years now. I hope you have grandchildren. I know you will love them and enjoy them as much as I have loved and enjoyed mine. Be sure to keep in touch with Ray. He’s probably lonely. Make sure he has enough money to live on (I don’t know where you’ll find it – I’m sorry we were unable to leave anything for y’all – but be sure he’s fed and clothed and housed, please). I know you and Erika will be just fine. You are both so well suited for each other. Remember how much in love you have always been. I hope you’ve been able to do some travelling now that the kids are out and you’re on your own. Try to weed out the clutter and the “stuff” regularly – it’s much easier to do it every 3-5 years than it is to do it all when you’re ready to make your final move. Buy Long-term Health Care insurance when you turn 55. It’s cheaper then, and you’ll have it when you need it. Decide early where you want to retire, and focus on it. I know Erika hates to “plan”, so it will be up to you to get her moving in the right direction. Enjoy yourselves, and take care of my grandchildren for me! Love, MOM


Oh, my! You must be in your mid-30s now. You had a tough time as a kid, but I hope and pray you’ve been able to live comfortably with your problems. I know you’ve learned many great coping skills to deal with your Asberger’s, and as long as you remember that we’re all cheering for you, you’ll be fine. I imagine you’ve got a job and, maybe, you’ve got a wife and kids. I hope your job lets you use your unique talents in a way that is satisfying for you. If you have kids, I’m sure you are as good a father to them as your father was to you. Be sure to let the grandkids go visit the grandparents as often as you can. They will love to see them, but don’t just dump them and leave. Your folks would love to see you and visit with you, too. I imagine you’ve got a great set of friends. I hope you’ve found a church that speaks to you. Remember that Granddad and I love you very, very much! Love, G’mom


My sweet Katie! You’re almost 30 years old now, and I’ll bet you’ve already taken the world by storm. You’ve probably graduated summa cum laude from college with your Bachelor’s degree, and maybe, you even have a Master’s degree. If you want to go on and get your PhD, I know you’ll do great with that, too. I imagine you have a husband, or at least a steady boyfriend. I hope he loves you as much as your parents and I do. You tell him he’d better treat you really, really well, or he’ll have me to answer to (if not in this life, then, for sure, in the next one.) Enjoy yourself – travel, go to nice restaurants, see sights, meet all kinds of special people – then settle down and raise wonderful grandchildren for your Mom and Dad to love and spoil. Find your way back to the church. I know God has been calling you since you were a very small child, and She must have great plans for you. No matter what, know you can do anything you want to do – don’t ever let anybody tell you “Girls don’t do that.” Stay sweet, and loving, and happy, and caring. Love, G’mom




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