Posted by: abbiewatters | September 28, 2011

ABCs of ME

I’ve really been at a loss on the blog for almost a week (I know). After the marathon of getting my life and memories down on paper, I was all written out. Here’s a fun thing I found on somebody else’s blog (I think it was TeaMouse).

Age:  67

Bed:  King

Chore that you hate:  Folding clothes (Thanks, Big Al!)

Dogs:  None.

Essential to start my day:  TEA!!!

Favorite color:  Teal or Paprika

Gold or silver:  Gold

Height:  5’3″

Instruments that you play: piano (badly), ukulele (worse), violin (as a very young child)

Job Title:  Retired CPA

Kids:  Two

Live:  Huh? I guess I’m still alive…

Mom’s name:  Elizabeth Anne

Nickname: Abbie

Overnight hospital stays:  4

Pet Peeves:  Drivers who pass on the right

Quote from a movie:  “You can’t HANDLE the truth.”

Right or left:  Right

Siblings: Two sisters, one brother

Take-Out-Food: Pizza

Underwear:  Usually

Veggies:  Pretty much all except beets. Love fresh asparagus!

What makes you run late:  Computers and printers that stick their tongues out at me.

X-rays:  Regular mammograms, no broken bones

Yummy food:  Fried Chicken!

Zoo Animals:  Otters and penguins


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