Expecting the Word – Advent Three – Saturday

My Advent series this year will follow the Words Matter Advent study from the National Council of Churches. Download the whole booklet if you’d like, and follow along with the writings for each day. I’d love to discuss them with you. Also, here is a link to the Advent readings from the Inclusive Bible. I prefer the more inclusive language here, than the NRSV texts used in the study booklet (be sure to read the note on page 6).

John 1:6-8, 19-28

I’m not sure why it is that I am afraid to make a statement on my own, sometimes. I often find myself quoting someone else, couching my statements as “Someone on Facebook said…” or “I read in the New York Times…” Often the idea that I’m trying to get across is based on an amalgamation of several people’s ideas that I have synthesized into something almost unique. And yet, I’m timid about making a statement about what I think. I always want to point to someone else who said it or thought it first.

John the Baptist seems to be like this. He disavows being “The Prophet” or “Elijah” or “The Promised One.” He seems content to say “It was prophesied that one would come before the Messiah”, rather than just outright saying that’s who he is.

I wish I could just state my ideas rather than hiding behind other people’s quotations.

Maybe that’s the way I try to give weight to my voice, instead of having it just be “noise.”

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