Expecting the Word – Advent Four – Saturday

My Advent series this year will follow the Words Matter Advent study from the National Council of Churches. Download the whole booklet if you’d like, and follow along with the writings for each day. I’d love to discuss them with you. Also, here is a link to the Advent readings from the Inclusive Bible. I prefer the more inclusive language here, than the NRSV texts used in the study booklet (be sure to read the note on page 6).

Luke 1:26-38

And now we come to it. Here is our responsibility in all of this.

How am I, and how are you saying “no” to G-d?

I have ideas, talents, and gifts, and I know that often I am too fearful, or too self-satisfied to say what I need to say, and do what I need to do.

If Mary was able to say “Okay” to the shame, and uncertainty, and difficulties of being Jesus’ mother, should I be able to say what I need to say, and do what I need to do?

I now say, “I will try!” and I hear the echo, “No, there is no TRY, there is only DO!”


1 thought on “Expecting the Word – Advent Four – Saturday

  1. You hear Yoda?

    In Empire, when Lukes X-wing sinks and Luke whines about getting it out. Yoda tells Luke to get it out with the Force. Luke says he will try and Yoda replies…

    “No! There is no try. There is only do!”


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