Tweetup in “Far North Texas”

We had a great time at an Epiphany party in Durant, OK, yesterday evening. We were invited by Stephanie Shepherd, and even though we didn’t know the hosts at all, folks came from Dallas, Carrollton, Ft Worth, and Oklahoma City.

@RevJCMitchell was the gracious host

along with his wife @RevMindy.

Others in attendance included @philshepherd and @rk-p

@mightymere and @revrevwine


of course, Big Al!

We had great Cuban Black Bean Soup, cornbread, Pumpkin Cake, chips and dip, veggies and dip, accompanied by whatever anybody wanted to drink (JC is a bourbon collector and Chris brought some of his wine). Us oldsters left pretty early (before 10 p.m.) and we were driving, so we didn’t drink anything, but it was a great time even without the liquor. Really fun to see some of the folks from UNCO11 again.

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