Best Laid Plans…

I had full intentions of writing a post today, but life got in the way. I spent the morning trying to unscramble Al’s IRA holdings (I finally got it straight, I think.)

Then this afternoon, I had to run to the grocery store, and that always takes about 45 minutes longer than I planned.

Just as I was getting ready to start to begin to commence to write the thing, I got a phone call from #2 son who wanted to chat on the way home from work and show off his new tech pimped-out car with hands free phone calling etc.

So here I am again with nothing helpful to post.

I’ll try to do it tomorrow, because I really want to get started on my series on Down We Go by Kathy Escobar. I need to reread it and process, and I’m going to inflict it on you, gentle readers. It will probably be a one-day-a-week post, and I was hoping it would be on Tuesdays, but maybe it will be on Wednesdays or Thursdays. *sigh*

We had PW circle last night, and talked a little bit about the book, which again brought it to mind. I DID put in my application to do volunteer work at Interfaith Housing Coalition as a financial mentor. (You’ll understand why if you’ve read the book or when I talk about it.)

Until tomorrow…

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