Today is Big Al’s Birthday

Big Al is 71 years old today! (How did I get old enough to be married to a 71-year-old man?)

It was a techy upgrade birthday for him. On Tuesday, he got new Bose speakers from #2 son. They are really first-rate as far as the sound goes.

Then today, this came from #1 son.

We wrestled it back down the hall, and he proceeded to unpack it. He moved his old monitor (15″ flat screen) across the room and cleaned off his desk. Then we started looking at the cables that came with it.

And trying to decipher the instructions,

I sent pictures of everything to #2 son by text message and he reassured us about what plugged in where. Then Big Al crawled under the desk and plugged it in and …

It brings a whole new dimension to his games (Zuma and QBees)!

I got him several DVDs, and he’ll probably get excited about them later, but right now he’s entranced with his new computer play-toys.

We’re planning on a trip to Fogo de Chao for his birthday dinner tonight. I think he’s pleased with his birthday!

3 thoughts on “Today is Big Al’s Birthday

  1. Belated happy birthday from cousin Anne. Not only am I married to an almost-71 year old man, I just became a 69 year old woman! (note new email address)


  2. wait a minute, I did not know Fogo de Chao was an option! We get to go to Lancaster Elementary School night at Wendy’s tonight. Theme is Mardi Gras. I am quite sure I would rather we had Fogo de Chao…


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