The first day of the rest of our lives

We got up in time to have our breakfast, compliments of the Fairfield Inn.

We had the the car loaded to the max, but everything fit in.


Even though Big Al was convinced it would never fit.


We decided to get in the habit early of staying off the interstates and seeing a little of the countryside. Consequently we headed north to Sherman, TX, and then turned east on US 82. It’s a good road, with some stretches of two-lane, some stretches of three-lane, and some stretches of four-lane road.
While we were riding along I got a call from the title company saying that they were sending the wire of the “get” (the money left over after all the expenses of the sale of the house were paid).
About a half-hour later, I checked USAA on my handi-dandy iPhone ap, and saw the money was sitting in my account! Now that’s the kind of service all banks should aspire to!
We stopped in Clarksville, TX, for lunch at a McDonalds.

There doesn’t seem to be much difference between the ones in the wilds of north Texas and the ones in the metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth.
We got into Texarkana about 2:00 in the afternoon, checked in at the motel, and re-powered the iPads and iPhones.
Then we went over to Betty’s house (sister). Her garden in the front yard really looks great.



Keith had spent the morning at the lake and had brought home several bream (hence the sunburn).

Betty was about ready to go to dinner because she needed to go to the Community Garden after dinner, so we headed to Bryce’s.

It’s absolutely required to eat at Bryce’s when you go to Texarkana!

My dinner!

Big Al’s dinner (note the Strawberry Shortcake!)
When we walked in to Bryce’s one of the ladies behind the counter said, “Look! It’s an Oregon Duck’s shirt” (because that was the t-shirt I was wearing). She said, “My nephew used to go to the University of Oregon.”
I said, “Who was that?”
“LeMichael James!” she answered!

She didn’t know why I wanted to take her picture. I assured her she was a celebrity, or at least related to one.

1 thought on “The first day of the rest of our lives

  1. Happy trails, you two! You have definitely solved the i-pad picture ability! That is one neat first day’s trip….
    I plan to travel with you, and take glimpses of the final destination, too….that link will keep us hooked in….What fun! I’ll feel like you aren’t so very far off that way…..
    Take care now, and drive safe. Back later to check on you!
    Love ‘n stuff….Ann


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